Friday, January 24, 2003

read this in my e-mail. thanks eboy.

There are times in my life when I don't see the truth
and listening to your sweet words just takes me away from the world...
I needed love, I needed what I always have
and I thought you could give me that...
I know now that you never could...
If I could turn back time is an appropriate phrase to use for us,
although if I had the chance, I wouldn't change it all...
Just the part where I didn't let you go when I knew it was best for me...
I thought I would be with you until I lay to rest forever
Caught up in a dream - or so it seemed...
I thought you loved me the way I did you.
All the times you looked into my eyes, not even inches from my face.
The heat of your body made me feel comforted,
and I had imagined many more days like this.
It was all a dream...a dream that made me realise
there is more to the world than you.
There are people out there
that will return the love I felt for you...
not take it, steal it, and leave me cold and afraid.
Without you, I never thought I would be...
Yes, a few times I did, but I thought I'd be the one to make the move.
Not be here crying as if you are the most important factor in my life.
You aren't. You never were.
My mind was made up, and now my heart has changed.
Your cold eyes will never be twisted to make me feel safe again,
because all along you were the one to hurt me.
No more excuses, no second chances.
I'm leaving your memory now, because if I don't
I won't be able to move on, forget, and be happy.
I have too much at risk for that.
Too much for you to take, but I won't let you anymore.
You are alone...or maybe she'll accept you.
I'm not in your life.
No longer will I put my heart on the line with effort or try to tell you
how deeply I cared, because it is over forever.
Although I will remember you, remember the things that I have learned
and the good times I have experienced,
you will be the one remembered
as hurting me more than anyone has ever hurt me before...
I've made up my mind and decided what is best, AND I AM NOT COMING BACK!!!

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