Friday, January 24, 2003

alayb again.

good news... am now a regular employee.. aka junior programmer (from programmer trainee).. also got an increase which hopefully will sustain my addiction to LOTR TCG.. speaking of which.. bought another one at megamall today.. the all new Aragorn, Two Towers starter deck.. woohoo... well.. another 450 bucks lost..

am going to caleruega tomorrow.. at long last our retreat will finally pull through after 2 cancelations.. though am not that excited 'cause eboy and roni probably won't be there.. sucks.. thought our barkada would at least be complete.. anywayz.. have to sleep early 'cause i hafta be at UST around 7 am.. don't want to be left behind..

have been doing almost NOTHING this past week at the office.. just been playing LOTR with chipper and kuyuh roni.. though we sometimes take a break and work a little.. hehe (15 minute break LOL!)

hmm.. have not been thinking of pangs.. (yeah right) but really, can see my past blog here in this editing mode and i mentioned him there.. i think he won't call anymore 'cause HE's the one who's pissed at me.. as they say.. nothing lasts forever..

heard from the hip-hop guy yesterday.. was actually pretty happy to hear from him.. he's still my friend after all.. he's working at this factory for KFC and we chatted for a few minutes at the phone.. was basically just listening at his marinating escapades and KFC hotshots stories...hehe..

all in all i think it has been a pretty so-so week.. normal.. boring.. just the way i want it..

night all and God speed.

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