Sunday, January 19, 2003

if i had trouble sleeping last time.. the problem's been totally reversed.. now, it seems as if all i do is sleep!.. like yesterday.. i was just thinking of having my siesta at around 4 pm.. but then i woke up at 7:30 am the next day.. wahahahaha..

know i haven't been blogging.. mainly because i don't have an isp account.. am currently (discreetly) using my sister's.. she's in the loo and i'm taking advantage of the fact hehe..

don't have anything new to talk about.. still am training for RPG at work.. still am going home late because of it..

had a chick-flick movie marathon yesterday.. watched the sweetest thing and bridget jones diary.. couldn't decide whether i felt light hearted or more depressed after watching it... i mean, the endings are the same.. they were happy because they got the guy.. hmm.. sucks.. we're so guy dependent.. suckkkkksss

anywayz.. speaking of guys.. pangs is just so.. GAAAH. kakadismaya.


ang kapal ng mukha.

yun lang. /me bow.

can't believe someone like him exists. okay. so maybe i'm talking nonsense to you. but it doesn't matter. fuck. what matters is that you know that his an A**hole. langkwentaaaaaaaaaaaaa buwsit. and he had the nerve to give me the lamest excuse in the world.. ano kala nya saken.. tanga? putek. oo nga.. tanga ko.. ANG BAIT KO KASI. taena. ganito talaga mundo. pag mabait ka.. wala kang dapat asahan sa mga tao. kalimutan na. pakyo.

/me baba kilay na nung linggo puh nakataas.

/me tsk tsk tsk. still can't fucking believe it. now i know what kind of a person he is. WALANG WENTA.

why am i such a poor judge of character?????

why do i always get associated with these kind of people... gaaaah. KIDS.


ate cha! hahahahahaha. yun lang. lagot ka hahahaha. /me hugs ate cha sabay kiss sa neck. misyu bruha!

ayun babay na. paramdam lang sa blog ko.

/me flying kiss sa lahat except keh pangs na buwsit.

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