Friday, January 03, 2003

brain drain

was at the office for more than 13 hours today... was late 'cause i was trying to help some of my officemates with their exercises.. actually, i didn't want to go home yet, but i didn't want to go somewhere else after leaving the office so i just loitered there for a while..


ma'am belle said that ma'am violy, our project manager for the VB project (which was the original reason why i was hired at radix) will talk to us on monday.. she also said that the rest of our classmates (my new officemates) will work on the other room.. awwwww.. i'm going to miss them 'cause it's always such a riot when they start to goof around the training room.. we could be realllyyyy loud.. lol.. probably be starting with the VB project this year so it's babay AS400 for the 4 of us.. hay. iiwan na namin sila. how sad.

speaking of missing.... i'm missing this certain someone SO much that it causes this constant chest pain in every moment that i think of him..which is like 70% in a day..(remaining time is when i'm thinking of my program).. it's either him or work...sometimes it even interferes in my work that i couldn't concentrate... gaaaaaah.


and i miss you.. like the deserts miss the rain... -- Everything But The Girl

nite all.

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