Thursday, May 11, 2006

wow, chris is gone. i didn't like him but i really thought it wasn't his time to go, 'cause Kat did horribly as i said here.. i guess Kat's fans were stronger and she got a lot of sympathy votes..but as one Soul Patroller said, boobs beat bald any day.

ooooh, i'm so scared.. hope the judges won't give Taylor a shitty song. hope's it's Taylor in the finals!!

p.s. bumoto ka noh harbie? l o l. kaya nasave si Kat!


rEeYuH said...

argh, spoiler entry.

based on last night's performance, si kat nga... makakabawi pa sya nyan. pero i like taylor and elliot sa finals hehe

harbie said...

di pa ko bumoto nyan ha! sabi ko pag final 3 eh, so next week, boboto na ko. =P although, i think that's as far as kat will go. sa orig prediction namin, taylor, kat and mandisa eh, si elliot biglang nag-transform!

you could see the shock on kat's face when ryan suddenly dropped the bomb. ang awkward nga eh. =P je and i had to rewind the dvr (thank God for DVRs talaga) kasi akala namin nagkamali lang ng sabi si ryan. hehe!

btw geri, Chris should've been gone a looong time ago. way back before Paris. dami na rin nyang bloopers noon eh. =P

jenee said...

hello! fellow w@wie here pero n@wie na din! hehehe... i love taylor too! and elliot! kahit sino sa kanila ang manalo wag lang si kat! yeah, she messed up her elvis songs kaya dapat sya ang naalis hehehe...

jane said...

you know im not in for taylor.. hehehe.. but been liking his songs lately.. o ha.. =)

and yeah.. kat should have been the one to go this week.. well as one of the posts in a forum said.. boobs beat bald anytime.. hahahaha! i wish she wouldnt be as lucky this week.. =p

paracetamol para sa mga may mcpheever.. =p

harbie said...

aha, you want some trash talk eh, janey?! don't get me started! =P
*peace to everyone*

in my opinion, between kat and chris, mas versatile si kat. based on last week though, she should be out. BUT, several weeks back, chris didn't do that great either. it just turned out that there are other idols with less fans. =P

if kat will go this coming week, taylor na ko. ayoko kay elliot. *eat that jane!*

nyehehehe! *group hug*

jane said...

just saw beng's comment..

mas ayaw ko kay kat! hahaha!

go taylor!

more paracetamol for beng!!! =p

Anonymous said...

may email me sa 'yo
basahin mo na bilis.


mai said...

taylor..taylor...taylor.. :)