Friday, May 26, 2006

...american idol finale (updated)

finally, i was able to watch the whole show last night.. and i don't know, maybe it's the AI addict in me speaking but i thought it was the best finale evaaaah. i loved all the AI finalists! i loved Paris' song, Chris (mainly because i'm a Live fan), Elliot's song with MJ Blige (though, she totally outsang him, *spanks her*).. (ooh, i hated Meatloaf, though. and Kat's boobs were huuuuge! inggit ako)

cringed moments:
1. not a fan of Prince. sowee.
2. Taylor with Toni Braxton. WTF, Toni!?? Rape rape! are you friggin high?

favorite moments:
1. oooh, i love Kellie Pickler.. hihihi, hope I see her more in TV. i'm so mababaw, nakukyutan kasi ako sa kanya. hehe.
2. burt bacharach(?) medley.. galing kumanta ni Lisa Tucker, i'm a fan. pati si Elliot! (oha)
3. Mandisa moment sa I'm every woman. whoooo! galing!
4. Elliot's mom.. awwwww so sweet.
5. Clay Aiken there.. first time for me to see him sing. grabe.. kamukha mo pala yun, reeyuh! L O L. as in.
6. Kat and Taylor duet. 'cause i so love that song! Whooo!
7. Syempre, kakaiyak nung nanalo na si Taylor. huhuhuhuh. SOUUUUUUUUUL PATROOOOL!!

ohmygosh how could i forget this.. i just have to add this to my list.. the cowboys!!! i absolutely love gareth, the cowboy kid who sang Elton John at the auditions.. i love him and love that he improved sooo much and i actually thought the judges liked him during hollywood week because he got passed til the 2nd cut, (even after a disastrous song) only because i thought simon, randy and paula favored him a wee bit.

I've been working for more than 12 hours for 2 days now, (damn work requests) but when I got home (on AI nights) I still tried to catch the show.. now i'm getting withdrawal symptoms from AI.. huhuhuh, so sad, wala na akong papanoorin.

love that show. props to the AI producers!

/me trying to make do with Taylor's Under the Radar cd.. *it's a simple refrain... it's a soul thing..* whoo!

p.s. i've lost count of my "Whoos".
p.p.s read this i laughed my a** off.


harbie said...

toni braxton totally lost her class that night. =P and meatloaf butchered the song, that he looked like one of the "auditioners" brought back to life. =P

we need some distraction gewi... tuesdays and wednesdays will never be the same again. *drama*

geWi said...

it's wednesdays and thursdays for me now. huhuhuh.

no amazing race, no AI..

i need a life! l o l!

rEeYuh said...

HOIST bat nasama ako dito? clay aiken ba?!! i thought he was cute there... bading nga lang. tapos un nanggaya sa kanya... lolz! sakto.

wawa nga si kat with her partner noh. kainis pakinggan. hehe tapos si toni braxton naman.. wanting a piece of taylor. haha

geWi said...

cute nga, ibig sabihin cute ka rin l o l. pramis, kamukha mo siya. haha! pareho pa keyu hairdo. lmao.

rEeYuH said...

yeah... i know. haha besides, physical lng naman un. i dont doubt my sexuality naman. haha

i still have some 'life' here. find other nice shows to watch. try grey's anatomy... or PBB? hehe