Friday, May 19, 2006

...out sick

back in the office, only worked for 2 days this week.. kinda miss watching Eat Bulaga already (lol).. i've been sick,.. with fever and guess what, l b m. i don't know why i would get a fever from lbm, but that's what i just had. hay.

watched a lot of TV.. very very happy with the amazing race results.. finally, nanalo din ang gusto ko! yeyyyyy hippies! i was laughing so hard when they were in Japan,.. Tyler could speak Japanese and he was so funny.. they even had a japanese background music when they were biking in the streets of japan.. hihihi.. love 'em ..

in AI naman.. goooo Taylor! Soul Patrol! Soul patrol! too bad about Elliot.. i cried on his homecoming, his mother was so sweet.. i sniggered at Kat's.. hihihihi.. sorry, wow, she's so popular in her hometown uh, l o l. *takbooooo away from harbie*

hindi ko pa pala nakukwento yung DISASTROUS company "summer" outing namin.. hay. parang ayaw ko na ikwento. next post na lang. pag wala na akong ginagawa, nagparamdam lang aku.

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harbie said...

hahaha! *LOL* oiii, nalungkot nga ako sa homecoming ni kat eh. *sniff* parang deadma lang yung mga tao sa hometown nya. ni walang tao sa kalsada. =(