Wednesday, May 24, 2006


yeyyy Taylor!!! Soul Patrol Soul Patrol! both coronation songs SUCKED but taylor did the most he could in his sucky song.. when i listened at Kath's mp3 My Destiny.. all i could think was "ouch ouch ouch this hurts* never mind the crappy song.. how about OVER the top? screechy? painful? and i'm really hating McDaddy. enough with the tears, save them for tomorrow when Kath loses.

to AI producers: fire your crappy songwriters.
never make a finale with 2 old songs. it's boring.
do i get to vote for Daniel Powter?

hihihihihi. go go go Taylor! Soul Patrol Soul patrol!! i'm gonna listen to that crappy song because i love Taylor! Yey!!! and did you see Elliot shouting Soul Patrol! i love that hobbit!

update from DialIdol:
1 Taylor Hicks 72.938
2 Katharine McPhee 62.808

wow.. such a big margin.. i'm gonna laugh out loud if they say this was close.. it's an embarrassingly huuuge gap. *takbo palayo keh harbie. di ka ata bumoto e! lol*)

p.s. and excuseeeeeeeee me Levon wasn't pitchy!


harbie said...

hahaha! hampangit nga ng last songs nila no?! sino bang nagsulat non?!

and well, yeah, i accept my defeat, looks like taylor's running away with the title tomorrow. it wouldn't hurt to hope though. =P

geWi said...

ay nagcomment ka na pala. ehehe. bumoto ka kasi!

sure hope palitan yung kanta. syete naman, ang pangit talaga. baka ma-ala "Bo" toh, maging crappy album.

harbie said...

oi, di kami bumoto last night. pareho naming gusto eh, hehehe! although i am more into kat and je is more into taylor. =P

totoo bang si nick lachey ang nagsulat ng mga songs?! demmit!

rEeYuH said...

argh! spoiler na naman... aga ko pa naman umuwi to watch the 'latest' AI episode.. this is as good as it gets... comment ulet later...

go go gooooooo

geWi said...

no, kat's song was from someone named Hanne Sorvaag and taylor daw from Tracy Ackerman, Andrew John Watkins and Paul David Wilson.

got this info here :

harbie said...

uy, tengks! =) AT, talagang inaway mo pa si jane dito ha, tawagin bang "hobbit" si elliot! tanggal na nga eh, inaaway mo pa. mwehehe! di na sumagot si jane ah, nagalit na ata. =P

i bet mamaya malungkot na naman mukha ni kat. they both looked so nervous last night, pero mas halata kay kat. argh, naiinis ako sa kanya ngayon, bakit ba kasi kinanta nya sa mataas na note yon?! alam naman nyang di bagay sa voice nya eh. hayyy, love ko pa rin sya. hehehe! =P

congrats gewi! *shakes hands, then sapoks* LOLZ!

geWi said...

lol areku.

jane said...

hehehe.. been soooooooo buzy.. hardly had any time to throw something at beng.. kaya pangga ko na lang.. hahahah!

there's a rerun of AI at 1130pm.. but nah.. dont wanna watch it anymore.. ive read that it sucks! id rather sleep.. and yeah.. i heard that the songs are the worst ever..

bukas na lang ako manonood.. kasi kakanta si ELLIOT!!! woohoo! =p

harbie said...

the AI result show is showing na ngayon, but i can't watch it yet, wala pa si mister. =P

janey, katakot katrash-talk si oneal, nagreresearch ba yon?! hehehe!

hey gewi, something came to mind kanina, why didn't Taylor sing "Let's get it on"? i was listening to it on my way home from work, i thought i heard some taylorism in it. la lang. =D

rEeYuH said...

i havent heard taylor sing Levon before. pero among his songs, i like you are so beautiful, in the ghetto.. and one more. which i forgot. i looooved him singing that song. kainis, ano kaya un?

geWi said...

was it slow reeyuh? i love Trouble. tsaka You Send Me.