Wednesday, May 10, 2006

...bye bye kat

hihihi, of course she's not out YET.. i want it to be chris, but i can't have everything..*sighs* dialIdol has taylor and elliot on top and i really like elliot's voice.. never mind that i can't look at him, i listen at mp3s anyway hehe. Kat's mp3 though is tooorture. her voice started to go shrilly and irritating. dunno, it's just maybe me and my total devotion to Taylor, everyone else sounds mediocre.

yey! hope it's Taylor and Elliot in the finals. Elliot's fans are bit fickle, one bad song and they all forget about him. totally don't want chris but i'm feeling it's a taylor vs. chris but who knows, i might get my prayer's answered, l o l. I'm totally going to jinx Taylor because of this post. bwehehe.

Go Taylor!!! Whooo!!!


harbie said...

i'm a HUUUUGE kat fan, but after her performance last night, i think i'm gonna pray for her na. =P i promised that if she made it to the top3, i will start voting. although she's better than chris vocally, he has the female and gay votes siguro. keinis! wrong choice of songs for kat last night, she's had better performances in the past eh. hayyy... *sighs*

geWi said...

onga,vote for her na! hehe! ayaw ko keh elliot, unless sa radio lang lagi siya, pwede na rin siguro hehe.

harbie said...

i will gewi, i will.