Friday, May 05, 2006 kusina

ei guys! just want to show( our kitchen.. it's only a small one, but i like the layout a lot (we designed it ourselves and picked the colors)

our kitchen benefited the most when i went to IKEA.. here you can see the magnetic blackboard on the left..all my friends and family were like "whaaat, you brought a blackboard from singapore!??" lol.. it's a lovely blackboard, hmpft.
Picture 198
you can also see the 2 lamps above the bar, i got them at IKEA too, for around 400php each. cheap, noh?

here's another angle of our kitchen.. love the red! (to go with our asian theme, bwehehe) you can see the rails i got from IKEA also..and on the left it's a magnetic sort of rail and i just stick the knives to it, it's pretty cool..
Picture 196
also bought the dish drainer, paper towel holder and a lot of other stuff.

and another angle here..
Picture 197

i love our kitchen! and i miss my pangs! he spent the whoooole day drilling those damn rails hehe. miss you asawa ko!


roni said...

wow geri! danda-danda nmn ng kusina nyo.. hehe.. sana ganahan ka palanging magluto =D
very neat! two thumbs up for you and raymond..

harbie said...

i like your kitchen too gewi! really neat and modern! at ang linis ha! ginagamit mo ba yan, or props lang? mwehehe!

jane said...

hahahaha! naunahan ako ni bengers sa comment =p *lol*

ei gewi! di pa namin namimeet si pangs mo.. but i think they found a place na.. kasama na lang sa bahay kulang nila.. =) but im sure you know that already.. =D

geWi said...

l o l. dati gamit na gamit, nung andito pa si raymond. ngayon, props na lng!