Monday, May 08, 2006

...wet and wild in villa conception (that's their slogan, lol)

we had our family outing last weekend, at Villa Conception in Pandi, Bulacan. that really wasn't where we intended to go, nagsara na pala yung lagi naming pinupuntahan. (a very cheap, resort, with itsee-bitsee private pools parallel to one another) Grabe, tagal na pala kaming hindi pumupunta dun hehehe. We just followed a sign that said "Villa Conception Wet and Wild Wave pool" and it was a good decision 'cause we had a great time!

first time for me to go to a "WAVE" pool so i didn't know what to expect. I didn't even planned on going swimming.. i brought the company issued laptop and chatted with Pangs (courtesy of PLDT WeRoam) for a bit.. after lunch (wow lunch, inihaw na pork and chicken, adobo, hilaw and hinog na mangga, etc.. all the resort-food-essentials), i was surfing in our rented airconditioned room when ate ging went in to get her underwater casing for her digicam. she said "meh waves na!" ('cause it only has waves for 1-2pm and 3-4pm..we learned this after) tapus biglang sarado ako ng laptop at sumama sa kanya.

wahahaha kakatuwa! first i was very disoriented, i think i gulped like a gallon of water (ewww) before i learned to jump with the waves hihihi. then we had our picture taking underwater..

i'm still at awe how my cousins could smile normally underwater, sabi ko nga, pwede na keyu sa cast ng marina hehe.

here's cindy.. galing noh?

and her sister,nina.. isa pa toh, bwiset

and ate ging.. one of her rare pictures, siya kasi photographer eh ehehe
ate ging

and nagkagulo na dito.. si arjay.. l o l!

it gets yapi..

and here's something from national geographic.. embryo!.. si tenten.. pwede ring animal planet, walrus. l o l.

and for the love of God, i can't open my freakin eyes underwater! here's me na parang nalulunod.. huhuhuhu

humiram nga ako ng goggles para makamulat man lang ako.. hehe, pwede na ba?
at least nakasmile na ako

eto na group shot..takes a lot of coordination, hehe..nina, me tenten and yapi
kaming 4

magpipinsan, napagod na kami kakaunderwater shot.. dami ng pumasok na tubig sa ilong ko pa, l o l.

here's mom and dad enjoying the waves.. grabe, O.A. sa lakas ang waves!
sobrang lakas ng wave

mom and dad again
daddy and mommy

eto puro tubig! biglang dumating yung wave eh, puro tubig lang tuloy nakunan.
puro tubig lng!

grabi. ang saya. hihihi. saket nga lang sa my nonexistent dibdib yung waves dun sa "shore". pero katuwa. pwede naman akong umatras ng konti eh, medyo meh pagkamasokista siguro ako, natutuwa ako shado sa waves.

ayun. namiss kita pangs ko. sana meh underwater shot ka rin. pareho dapat keyu ni tenten uh. para kayo sigurong father and son walrus. HIHIHI. joke lang. labyu! miss you!


harbie said...

woweee! parang ang sarap naman dun! gewi, di ka pwedeng maging sirena. =P

jane said...

*lol* non existent na dibdib.. hahaha! kulit mo!

makabili nga rin ng camera casing na ganon.. mukhang masaya! =D

geWi said...

oo super katuwa siya janey hehe. harbie.. yeah. *sniffs*

midnitebara said...

you must have had a great time.?I am a little inggit but its ok, coz my family is booked to have a good time too at puerto galera late this month!! Great pictures and let me say funny folks!