Tuesday, January 03, 2006

...crash eating

if some people are crash dieting then i'm crash eating. i started yesterday in the (futile) hope of gaining some weight.. i ate rice (eww) for breakfast.. today i had it with paksiw na lechon (leftover from the holidays).. i also bought whey protein.. i heard from my sister that the taste was awful but i was thinking.."it's chocolate, how bad could it get?" and yep, i was wrong. it tastes horrible. just horrible. and the smell. ewwww. yech. how could i even begin to describe the smell. it's like burnt plastic. and i'm supposed to drink this 3 times a day. waaaah. i had to close my nose while drinking the horrible thing. i don't know if i will gain a pound but at least i'm trying, right? also drinking the Vitamin B complex, Mosegor, the payatot's savior daw. hay.

this was brought about from my fitting with Tet, waah so payat talaga. my bones are all sticking out, it's awful. and my mom kept on insisting to go with the long sleeves.. i just held my ground and said "noooo. ayowwwwkoowwww"

i realize i should be panicking, but actually, i'm not. just decided not to push things if it's just really impossible to do or would actually take a lot of effort from us if we insist on it. like the entourage dinner for example, it's cancelled. what was i thinking? bringing 10 people from different families and their hectic schedules together? impossible. unity candles? wag na. no more freaking time to buy the freaking candles. haaaay. yung swan? ayaw magbayad ng caterer's bond? wtf? kami na magbabayad, buwsit.

see.. i am the epitome of calmness.

we have no misalette yet.. we haven't gone back to NSDG to submit our requirements.. we have no PRIEST.. invitations have not been fully sent out.. i haven't seen my final dress yet.. no shoes.. no something borrowed, something blue, something old.. (but at least i've got tons of something new, right?) and have no final plan (or booking) for our honeymoon.

we have a few announcements though.. we are registered at Rustan's and Regalong Pambahay. bwahahaha. don't worry about the Rustan's thing, we only selected stuff below 1000 bucks. pretty cool, noh? and to our OFW friends, you could send your gift through our BPI account. AHAHAHAHA, jk lang po. mwahmwahmwah!

hay. i sooo want to get married already! 18 days is too damn long. hihihi.

happy new year!!!! waaaaaaaaaaaaaat january naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa??!


anshe said...

tp, sori ah?? pero tataba ka kaya sa mga to do's pa?? grabe ako bigla ang nag worry for you.. anything i can help u with?? Ü

try mo din pala ung mega mass..food supplement din un..uminom din ako dati, hehe!(not sure kung encouraging ba na sinabi ko na i did take mega mass). pero one thing sure, don't skip breakfast, go girl!! =D

geWi said...

tp! bakit ka sorry?!

wahahaha kaya siguro namin hehe. salamat!

pink5 said...

chet. buti ka pa pagpapataba problema mo *lol* maaga pa gewi. take ur time... it will all fall in place pag anjan na ang oras. nyahahahaha!!! *tago*
if you need any help... uhmm.. im sure you have someone who can help you with *tago* bastaaaa kung may kailangan ka andito lang akich. para mag cheer pra seyo ;)
ang ganda ng invites nyo!!

rEeYuH said...

dami ko comment...in random order:
1) ngayon mo pa naisip yan pataba, uhm, ewan ko lng ah. days nlng eh. pero at least, di ka nmn umaasa, hehe
2) ano un caterer's bond?
3) gusto ko rin sanang tumulong sa preps! naaliw ako. kahit ako gawa ng misalette hehe
4) yeah, dont skip breakfast, most impt meal.
5) galing ur the epitome of calmness nga, para kseng dami pa pero ur still all hyped up to get married. cant wait na ba?! mwehehehe

lapit naaaaaaaaa

Ruy and Liv said...

Geri! Willing ako magdonate ng fats... =)

harbie said...

hahaha! well, goodluck na lang, yun lang ang masasabi ko sayo. =P

kaya nyo yan. at least you got a few things off your list, by cancelling them, mweheheh! =P