Wednesday, December 28, 2005

...our invites

at last, we're about to give out our invites this weekend.. matatapos na rin!

here's the box.. it's just paper but it looks and feels like wood..given to us by Tita Penny.. she manufactures boxes among other stuff..

and here's what's inside the box.. just a brown ribbon so they could easily lift the inserts (sorry for the puny image quality, these are just taken from my camera phone)

a closer look at our inserts.. we had them made at recto (for only 25 bucks per set)

and our maps, made by Pangs.. this is from the Ceremony Venue

this is for the Reception Venue.. sabi ko nga keh Pangs, meh picture pa uh! lol!

we also made a small RSVP card.. but i don't think my camera will do justice to it,hehe.

and here's our principal sponsor gifts.. wooden lamps made by ArtFinds

and our tokens.. coasters, also made by ArtFinds

last night we attempted to buy entourage gifts.. gosh, everything is so damn expensive in the mall.. i'm keen on buying the puppets we found for the kids but Pangs says it's too expensive (175 bucks.. eh 6 na bata!) so we'll look later sa Sta.Lucia na lang.. meh Blue Magic dun eh.. sa guys ndi ko alam.. probably sa buong entourage (10 sila), items na lang din ni Marge.. para asa theme parin hehe. (tsaka mura!)

ayun, just wanted to share. feel so accomplished. L O L. as if.

meh party poppers na kami! c/o my cousins and Auntie at Sta.Mesa.. they bought at Divi, 2 big ones and 3 dozen small ones, all for 468 bucks. plus they also got my Baptismal Certificate for Marriage purpose (YEHEYYYY!) 'cause the parish is in Sta.Mesa too. TG for relatives!


anshe said...

wow tp! ready-ng ready na!! =D congrats! ganda ng invites nyo..Ü

~Glo~ said...

Uy ganda ng invites. I especially love stuff made of vellum. I actually use opalux on my maps. Maganda sya!

harbie said...

gewi! ipagtabi mo kami ng invites nyo! hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

onga, pagtabi mo kme. remembrance hehe nice...=)