Friday, January 13, 2006

...7 days to go

wooaah wedding week.

medyo (slightly) bothered lang ako that i have to keep on pestering my friends to attend my OWN bridal shower. it's like, pathetic. i mean, will i do this on THEIR shower? will i ask them, "magkano gagastusin ko?" or "meh yosihan ba sa room?" or "pwede maleyt?". ok, i'm just being a bitch i know, but you guys are really my friends, right?.. so i have the right to rant when my wedding to-do list is still so freakin' long and only have 7 days to go, right?

*nod na lang keyu* you know i still love you guys. even when i'm getting nightmares of having a shower with only my 2 sisters. gaaah.

and i can't believe i have so few friends! really, we've got like 210 guests for our wedding, and i can't even get .01% of my female guests to attend my shower. it's so incredibly unfair. *sighs*

*sighs ulit*

oooh, i bought a bathing suit. it's a two-piece (as if meh boobs ako, eheheh bakit ba) and pink and brown. naalala ko tuloy yung mga motif na pink and brown, i'm sure they're gonna like it hihihi.

oh, and final na ang honeymoon ko. just have to go to cebu pacific's office at galleria to buy our tickets. and oh, shit, got payables pa. dapat makabayad ako ng Insurance ko sa Monday. tapos yung bayad sa hotel sa honeymoon.

gaah sorry i have to write down my To Dos.
Things to Buy:
1. dolfenal 250, tempra, alaxan, bonamine (ok na handa diba?)
2. envelopes (for supplier checks, tips)
3. yellow na papel de hapon (2).. kulang pa yung balot ng PS gifts
4. candles for offertory
5. headpiece ko. demmit wala pa.
6. earrings. double demmit. (my mom and sister makes accessories for a living and NO ONE can make ME one. arrrggh. am i disgraced or what?)
7. bracelet *sigh na lang*

Things To Do:
1. oh mi gosh ayaw ko ng isulat
2. go to Cebu Pacific to buy tickets
3. go to PSE Auditorium with Swan.. layout (imposible na ata toh!)
4. i haven't met my emcee in person. anyone seen Melissa Ferrer? kwento naman
5. Profile ng Sponsors
6. yung pang games <--shiyet marami toh eh.

hehehehe. hahahaha. *torete*

marami pa eh, tinamad na ako. l o l. please God, sana po maging ok ang wedding namin. yun lang ang hiling ko, maging OK.


Anonymous said...

baka naman surprise yun, kunwari mga ndi pupunta, yun pala pupunta wehehehe

harbie said...

honga gewi! hehehe!

akala ko nga wala akong shower noon eh, so i got contented na lalabas kami ni tenten for coffee. tapos meron pala! don't push it, baka may surprise din sila sayo! hehehe!

we wish we could go to your wedding ge, kung mura lang ang ticket, we'll have no second thoughts.

worry all you want now, but on the day itself, no worries na. everybody remembers a frantic bride, only it's not in a good light. hehehe!