Wednesday, January 04, 2006 updates

hehe i'm still updating when we're only 16 days away from the wedding.. bakit buuhh eh sa ngayon lang nangyari eh! lol.. anyway, am sorting through our payables and it looks good so far.. meaning we still have money to pay for them..

there's lala of interplay: 18,900 (26,550 bucks total package)
swan catering: 28,500 (91,100 bucks total package)
madge lejano 10,000 (12,000 total package)
tet 23,000 (still v. tentative, sa dami naman ng changes ko sa damit)
hotel (astoria) 15,000 (budgeted.. not sure of the exact total yet)

that's a total of 95,400 pesos.. woah, laki. tas yung 40k honeymoon namin hehe. *whew* we cancelled a lot of upgrades na.. (like for the church, yung flowers dun, etc) kasi shado ng malaki.. think we totalled more or less 360k .. waaay beyond budget of 300k.. anyway, all's good. we're still sane and not so financially deprived (just don't expect pasalubongs. aahahaha)

lala (our fab florist) showed me these pictures.. i requested something bamboo-ish for the centerpieces. love them, very modern filipino.

she's showing me the vase used here.. gandaaaaaaaa i want one for our houseeeee

wow. galing, noh? hehe. /me kampante keh lala talaga. *akap siya mahigpit* hihihi.

been calling some of the suppliers,follow-up lng. called swan, will give the check (which i stupidly forgot to bring on our contract signing).. talagang ndi pwedeng bayaran nila yung bond. (fyi for reeyuh, caterer's bond is yung binibigay ng caterer sa venue as a security deposit. pag walang nangyari sa venue, ibabalik yung pera. pag meron, yari. hehehe) smile na lang ako and everything, pagdasal na lang naten na alagaan nila ang venue. (i'm so freaking religious na, lahat eh ipaubaya sa Diyos.) tapos i texted Madge, pwede bang check ibayad sa kanya, pwede daw. TG for suppliers who are sooo easy to talk to like her. mwahmwah. they make my life so much easier. ginawa ko na rin check ni Lala, dedeposit ko mamaya sa account nya, para fully paid na kami sa kanya. yipeeee.

oh, and i booked our flight via text. sooo easy to do. then i can pay the ticket using my Equitable-PCI ATM. how cool is that? E-ticketing rocks.

and nagbook na rin kami sa **** secret. hahaha. basta, excited na ako mag honeymoon!! yahoooeyyy!

last night i was able to take a photo of our bathroom pala. hehe.

here's our na granite yung counter top.. ndi pa malinis eh, hihihi.

the door.. 1.6k lng bili namin dyan.. meh plastic plastic pa na tape sa gilid, (yung korean thingie) di pa namin tanggal

here's our wall

and our toilet. still clean. ahahah, wala pang water eh! di pa pwede gamitin, di pa nabibinyagan.

yun lang.. still trying to meet Melissa Ferrer, our emcee. her sched is craaaaazzzzy. she has like 3 functions a day! hehe. will probably meet her this sunday, to finalize our programs. (and you know, to actually meet her)

wish us LUCK. we need it!


anshe said...

wow tp!! love the flowers and the centerpieces =D grabe, pwede kaya sumabay na lang sa wedding nyo?? hahaha! =D at maluwag ang bathroom..hmmm...(wink*wink*)

grabe im so excited for you, God bless!! =D

QT said...

hello gewi, fellow w@wie. am getting lala of interplay as well. ung package nyo ba is for the ento flowers and the set up? or set-up lang? ang ganda ng arrangements nya e! impressive. btw, ganda ng house nyo. it's a good way of starting a new life together - new house! but they say that means 'babies' as well=p. take care, lapit nyo na! have a blast! will link u up ha...

harbie said...

ganda ng centerpiece ah! looks really unique! =)

hey ge, amin na lng yung bathroom door nyo. nice! gusto ko rin yung sink nyo, parang sa hollywood homes. hehehe!

geWi said...

hi qt! ento and set-up ang package ko with lala..

tp.. mag-ayos na kyo ng wedding! learn from me! lol!

harbie.. /me tago bathroom door

harbie said...

dupang! pinto lang eh! hehehe! =P

grabe, lapit na gewiiii!

Angie said...

Hi Geri,

I loved Lala's suggestion, the bamboo thingy,bravo! I just love Lala and they are so cheap. Ienjoy all our mail exchange, although for me umabot kami 53k having considered the tag, but we have like 30 tables, and medyo mahal yata flowerpicks ko, but neverthless cheap pa rin. Besides from that I am providing some of the materials. Linked you up at my weddingannouncer. Good luck with the rest of preps, lapit ka na. Looking forward to ratings and pics, but first of all enjoy your big day.