Wednesday, January 11, 2006

...9 days to go!

you know what they say about couples getting married..that they're "malapitin ng aksidente?" well.. i don't know if you believe that but the fx i was riding in this morning got into an accident, slammed itself into the back of a CRV.. grabe, tibay pala ng tire shield (dunno what it's called) ng cRv.. yung FX, yupi (as in yupi) ang harap (taas yung hood, etc) pero yung CRV dun lang tumama sa tire shield tas yung dents nya eh pache pache lang.. and my sister and i were both sitting in front. oh well, ALL IS WELL. hehe. (rhyme?)

GRABEEE! 9 days to goooooooooooooooo!? (late reaction!?) i haven't seen my dress yet, we have no misalette YET, everyone's asking for their freaking gowns and i we haven't booked our plane tickets YETTTTT.

hmmmm. i guess konti na lang. (positive thinker ako) did i tell you i haven't met our emcee YEEEET? hehehe. craaazyyyyy.

was able to text Jaime (photographer), ask lang kung ilan sila sa team and meh halong paramdam din syempre..

paramdam din ako keh ms. judy (cake maker).. she replied back din naman

tapos si madge, text din ako, hindi nagreply, pasaway. hehe. ganon din naman tanong ko, kung ilang sila sa team.

and i asked wings of dreams to fax the butterfly release guideline sheet or something like that.. didn't realize butterflies could get complicated. hu-humm.

i've got my lovely shoeeeess. hihihi. just as i said earlier, i bought an expensive one, and a cheap one. (the cheap one was only 399 bucks! lol! wasn't able to take a picture, it was just a plain offwhite slingback.) this one i bought at Shoe Studio in Glorietta, for 2.6k. it's like a brooch on a shoe. hihihi.

sooo.. still don't have a something blue, something borrowed, something old. hmm. again i ask, DO I HAVE TO??

hehe. yun ang attitude ko eh, KELANGAN BA TLGA? bahala na. good luck samen.

here's our poster to be displayed on an easel on the foyer of the PSE Auditorium.. (no tarpaulines for us please)


jane said...

mahal nga yung shoes.. hehehe.. but it's nice.. =)

why no tarpauline? =p eheheh.. wag ka ng magcomment.. hahaha! kasi kami meron e..

something old and borrowed? hmmm.. jewelries from your mom.. old na borrowed pa.. =)

blue.. iniisip ko is yung garter.. kung ok lang sa yo yung color.. =)

harbie said...

something blue, how about your panty? hahaha! tapos bakat daw sa gown no? hehehe! usually yung garter nga yung blue eh. ako walang blue, kasi i forgot to put on the garter. naiirita kasi ako e, so i took it off. forgot to put it back. =P

ayos geri! lapit na!!!!