Friday, January 06, 2006

...14 days to go! wtf?!

.. almost all of our invites are sent out (courtesy of my Dad, my Mom, Pangs, TY) i was only able to give invites to my TL here, and my PM, and to vero, of course.. but i was able to meet irvie and anshe to give them theirs..

..konting kwentuhan with TP, ayun, i'm sort of warning her not to cram (like me!) and as early as now, do the damn misalette.. lol! do the details if she can already, the program, tasks on the day, etc... the details sure pile up when it's the last leg and you know the problems seem to creep up when the event is already so close.. erlyn (pasaway).. ndi daw nya kayang kantahin yung responsorial psalm.. hay.. where do i get a singer?! waaah. i'll probably just have the singer from the band do it.. all the guests you invited that are cancelling. just breaks my heart, huhuhuh.

but we did have a few accomplishments..

1. meh prospect na ako for my shoes (yipee! si Pangs din ang nakakita!) i'm gonna buy an expensive one, and a cheap one, just to be sure.
2. bought the entourage gifts ( i know, i know, medyo cramming).. and meh kasalanan ako.. i bought china stuff (waaah! *sapok sarili*) dadagdagan ko na lang with my mom's earrings para maging 50-50 parin ang made by pinoy and those cheap-labor-china-stuff..
3. bought tokens (for the games).. again china stuff (waah they're so cheap kasi)
4. nasubmit na ni Pangs yun most of our requirements.. all we need daw is the typewritten list of the principal sponsors, andd.. and.. shit i forgot. Pangs! Help!
5. Typed na ang Misalette namin.. just some final revisions tapos paPrint na namin.
6. yung house namin! malapit ng matapos! wala ng butas ng mga canal, posong negro, everything is cemented. tapos ginagawa na yung Bar sa kitchen.. yehey! tapos halos tapos na CR, yung shower heater na lang ikakabit. tapos nakaapply na ng Water.. tapos.. ndi ko na alam.. ay, yung Kitchen! tapos na yung tiles.. pero wala pa kaming mga flooring.. next project na, asa 110k na nagastos namin sa renovation eh.. utang na nga keh dadi yung 20k! waaaah!

that's all muna. hay. SANA LAHAT NG INVITED PUMUNTA SA WEDDING NAMIN. (please?)


anshe said...

haha! tp nakaka tawa ka talaga mag cram..and ma excite hehe! Ü thanks for all the're a great example..=P im also excited for the bar you're setting up sa kitchen,.gud luck tp! and enjoy the count down! muah! =D

harbie said...

ay yung kick-ass kitchen bar nyo? ganda nga nun gewi! sana magamit mo sa pagiging housewife mo. hehehe! =)

btw, kami ba ni je invited,? for sure di kami makakapunta eh. hehehe!

geWi said...

invited keyu harbie! (para meh gift parin khet di keyu makapunta bwahahahaha)