Tuesday, January 17, 2006

...so near.

we're like a wrapping factory at home.. the PS gifts are bit tricky.. they're quite bulky, one of the MANY reklamos of my sister Ate Ging.. (ang hirap daw ng logistics) (and.. bakit daw may butterflies pa ako? para saan pa daw ang party poppers? *talk to the hand*)

met Anne and Gel today.. hiyang-hiya si raymond, hindi man lang makatingin sa camera, LOL! Btw, Gel's gonna be our backup photographer.. he's a hobbyist and he's building his portfolio and we're one of the lucky ones to get his services for free. I instantly liked them both (maybe because, I guess, we have the same age range) and we're just grateful he agreed to do our wedding.

got a lot of things accomplished today.. able to do the stuff Melissa (the emcee) asked me to do.. principal sponsor's profiles, mini-stories of us, etc. also have the final layout of the reception site, talked to Danny of TSG (Aubrey's gonna sing the "How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place".. ayaw ni Erlyn eh. nakaprint na nga misalette with her name eh. hay. *lets go*)

i still have guest sheets to do, but i don't have pictures of us.. i have a funny feeling i'll be destroying our scrapbook and cutting pictures from there (huhuhuh) 'cause i need to make like 22 sheets of those and i need to get started tonight if i have any hopes of finishing it by friday..(ambisyosa)

i've been delegating most of the stuff at home.. keh lyn, keh momi.. am simply going home and eating and sleeping early (ndi ko na nga nahihintay si Pangs makauwi sa haus)..

currently reading (oha nagbabasa pa ako , lol!) Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle.. (it's my sister's book, go figure) it's very amusing.. plus it helps me relax. i read it while i'm on my way to work so i could refrain from thinking about the preps. it can be quite exhausting you know, thinking about stuff. if i don't stop myself, my mind would fly to never-never land to my endless to do list, my to buy stuff list, my delegate tasks list, my persons to contact list, etc. etc..so overall, the book is a good read. (and a fantastic distracter)

tomorrow Pangs will go to Tet's, Exclusively His and to Swan, and to Tektite. (plus he has to have our misalette photocopied) ang galing nya ano? Did i mention he's supposed to be deploying a project this Friday too? waahahaah wawa Pangs ko. so physically and mentally exhausted, one of our ninongs (who happen to be the big boss of I.T. in Pramerica) gave him a spa gift certificate kasi mukha na daw siyang stressed. (and here i am blogging, lol!) swerte ako my work here is bordering to non-existent.

uy, 4:59 PM na. yahoo. 8-5pm lang ang pagiging Job Monitor ko eh. only received one ticket since yesterday. TG!

i wanna watch Narnia this Friday. Kasi yun na lang time ko eh. I'm bugging my sister, Ate Chary namag-VL din sa friday eh, para may kasama ako. then we'll be checking in at Astoria. (*adds pack stuff for wedding and honeymoon* to my To-Do List*)

i think it has finally hit me that I'M GETTING MARRIED this saturday. every time i look at Pangs i can't help but give him my giddiest grin. omigosh, i'm going to be raymond's wife. w-o-w.


Janice said...

oi lapit na...gudlak! and congrats!
remember me...hehehe Yeah updated ako sa blog mo e...getting some ideas as well....gonna be "ARNOLD" wife??? har har har
Remember ROSE??? hehehe
finally! yes!

Jan said...

ehehe..na excite ako mag type...
mali tuloy nsulat ko!!!
ARNOLD'S wife!!! pla dapat...eeerrrr...hehe...grammar...
un lng....gud lak uli...post ka mga pic agad ha!

harbie said...

gewiiii! lapit naaaa! *hugs mahigpet*

Mrs. Arenas in da haus!! yeah-yeah! =D

i'm just so damn sorry i won't be there to witness it. =( dapat kasi nauna kayong lahat eh! hehehe! pero i think about your wedding everyday. pati si je, sinasabihan ko ng countdown ko. hahaha! kilala nya nga si Raymond as "Pangs" eh. nakikibasa ng blog nyo yon! stalker!

"hi hon!" *kawais*

syets, lapit na talaga! please, mag-blog ka as soon as you have the time after the wedding ha! hehehe!

rEeYuH said...

woweeeeee lapit na tlgaaaaa
san-san ang honeymoon? kelan? woweeeee

Anonymous said...

pangs, ang lapit na nga!

habang lumalapit lalo akong hinde makapaghintay!

iloveyousomuch and im so grateful that i have you in my life.

erlyn said...

kasi naman di ba sana inaalam na muna kung panlalake or pambabae ung kanta! at sana di laging shot gun attack d ba?

geWi said...

sori uh don't wori i won't bother u anymore.

Anonymous said...

uy, i smell tampuhan hehehe. para makabawi ka erlyn, dapat PUMUNTA KA SA KASAL NI GERI! hehe


davisgrana said...

Grabeeeehhh!!! Ang lapit na!! Pakita ng mga pix after ah!! WOW!! ang bilis talaga ng panahon... God bless Geriii!!