Thursday, July 28, 2005

...budget breakdown

System Time: 10:30am
less than 6 months to go and we've already spent 134++k on our suppliers..even if we've exceeded on some parts (but it was mainly on the food, 'cause our original 150 guests became 200) , i'm still happy 'cause we still have about 80+k for our wedding fund in the bank.. we usually give 7k per payday on our wedding fund but i haven't been able to give my part 'cause i sort of forgot about my insurance payments (hehe) so i'd have to forego the wedding fund for a couple of months and save up for that instead.. (24k due on october.. huhuhuh) not having the LIPS project doesn't help either, more reason to go OT, which means less pay.. *sighs* we're trying to finish the rest of our freelance website projects, so we can add a bit of everything to our fund..

Tita Penny texted me and said that the boxes are ready for pick-up! and the best part it, she said it was free! yahoo! i ordered 10 6x6 1"thick boxes from her (just paper boxes) and 100 6x6 .5" thick boxes.. the 1" thick for our ninang's necklaces and the .5" for our invites.. we'll just be decorating the boxes with sinamay, abaca, bamboo and fake pearls..i don't think it's gonna 'cause us that much, maybe about 1.5k for the materials..

i've received a lot of advice from w@w and i'm so grateful 'cause they told me which areas i could cut our budget further.. (like HMUA, hotel rooms, souvenirs, etc)

hay, ang gastos parin. we're about to start looking for our home and i just want to get the wedding preps over with so we could concentrate on finding and furnishing our house.. Pangs has more or less decided on buying a lot at Lumang Bayan.. that's at Marcos Highway, about a kilometer from Masinag.. we like it there 'cause there's a big Cherry Foodarama infront of it, a Church and a Badminton Court! hehe! and we'll only have to walk a couple of blocks from Marcos Highway to get there..

teka.. kain na daw kami ni Pangs..

System Time: 1:13 PM
Pangs and I ate at A Venetto(?).. food was okay, service was great as well as their servings.. they're huge! we just doggy bagged the whole pasta 'cause we were already so full from the pizza.. we went after at SM to Buttons & Wraps and i bought some stuff for my scrapbook.. it's starting to become an expensive hobby.. but i'm super enjoying making my scrapbooks (though you can see from my end results when i had my good days or my bad days, hehe) and i'm optimistic that i'm improving, harhar.. i'm not really creative, i just enjoy pasting and cutting stuff hihihi.. i'm itching to go to Divisoria 'cause everything's so cheap there... (the mini flowers, buttons, laces, ribbons, organza, etc) hope i could go this weekend..

work na ulit ako.. pangs ko, i love you! i can't wait!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005 preps weekend

sa bagay, almost all of our weekends are for our wedding preps.. saturday, we went to Megamall for the SME trade fair (small and medium enterprises).. i'm a big fan of local manufacturers 'cause i love filipino made products.. they're unique, well-made (even though they're more expensive than china products.. grrr, i hate china products! they're so cheap, kawawa mga manufacturers naten) and affordable.. i'm thinking of buying native abaca bags for our ninangs when we visit them one by one at their homes (to inform them that we've chosen them as one of our sponsors).. a lot of cute, cheap bags from 200-100 bucks each.. I know some of the booths there 'cause they're also part of REMAI (rizal exporters manufacturers association inc.), to which my mom is a member. i made my favorite stop at Yellow Violet, owned by Tita Isabel, and bought 2 large scrapbooks and various scrapbook paraphernalia.. (i called Tita so she gave me a 20% discount, bwahhaha) i made some headway on our scrapbook.. i do believe i'm improving but sometimes i want to rip out a page that i made 'cause i wasn't feeling it but decided not to 'cause i didn't want to waste my effort, hehe..(i'll show some of my scrapbook when i find the time to photograph it).. after Yellow Violet, I saw these beautiful fans made from handmade paper with a wooden handle at WoodInspirations.. i ransacked the pile so i was able to get all the yellow fans to go with my motif.. (just 10bucks each!) i plan to insert them on the misalette 'cause NSDG is not air conditioned and it could get warm.. at least our guests will know that we've thought of them even in the smallest of details..

after that we saw some booths that sell Piña Cloth for barongs.. one booth was from Kalibo and my mom even knew the company 'cause they were able to visit their factory when she was in Kalibo.. i got their business card and was able to talk to the owner and order Pangs' barong.. we wanted Nanay Siony (nanay na daw itawag ko sa kanya eh, hihihi *tuwa naman ako*) to see the telas so we told them that we'll be back the next day.

Sunday morning, Pangs with Nanay Siony, Akel and her friend MaeAnn fetched me at MRT North so that we could go to Dangwa to (guess what) canvass our flowers for the entourage.. but before that, we made a stop to Pangs' lola (sister ng lola ni pangs).. i'm not really sure but i'm hoping she liked me 'cause she was really nice and kept on telling me to eat more para magkalaman naman daw ako, hehe.. she even told me na "iba daw ang sigla ni Raymond ngayon" bwahaha. whatever that means, lol! (sabi ni Pangs kinikilig daw ako, asuuuus) anyway, Dangwa naman after that. we went to 3 stalls, first one was Maeann's contact, 2nd was Joel of Bulaklak and 3rd was Weddings and Bouquets (c/o Manang Sungit).. Pangs didn't like the last one, she was much too opinionated but I liked her 'cause she seems to know what she is talking about.. i like talking to the owners/florists themselves 'cause they are able to give suggestions for flowers and actually know what flower i'm talking about.. the first 2 asked for 6k for my entourage (a total of 17 people, including the bride) and Ms. Sungit quoted 7500..

pagkatapos (mega gutom na ako nito, ndi ko lang pinapakita hehe!) we went to Megamall where Nanay Siony and Akel treated us at Dencio's (yumyum) tas straight to the Trade Fair ulit kami.. there, Nanay Siony was able to buy 2 barongs, 1 for my FIL2b and Pangs' Best man.. ganda ng barong, Piña Seda na Raya (?) meaning meh embroidery din sa likod, ndi lang scattered so medyo stand out ang Father of the Groom.. yung sa Dad ko, isa nalng kasi dun yung Raya kaya babalikan na lang daw nila kami (pati yung keh Pangs).. and mura dun, yung mga Piña Jusi na tela tag 1k lang.. tas yung mga pure piña (pero ndi Raya) tag 5k lang..

happy ako kasi mababait sila tsaka mukhang kaya-kaya nila yung pinagayang design ni Pangs sa kanila, i guess, let's just wait and see..

now i'm also thinking kung san kami titira ni pangs.. dapat pala nagtitripping na kami if we want our house to be ready by January..

yun muna, babayuu!

Saturday, July 23, 2005

...DIY projects

feeling masipag lately so i decided to start on my save-the-date magnets.. we were supposed to just order at papemelrotti (they have magnets with a nice woody feel at only 30 bucks each) but when my mom was able to buy magnets (P1.00 each!) at quiapo, i told pangs i'll just do it myself.. i used handmade yellow paper, some strings to frame it and tied a green organza ribbon around it..

my mom also made a couple of necklace and bracelet set to be given to our ninangs..

it's freshwater pearls with green cloison beads and swarovski fillers..

here's a close-up of the beads.. i absolutely love my mom! hehe!

... going to Megamall later to meet pangs after lunch.. i'm at home so i'm using a dial-up connection.. waah, it sucks. now i remember why i don't use the internet when i'm at home..

btw, i also made a magnet photo for ms.anna's daughter, nina. it's her birthday today (happy birthday!).. unfortunately, we can't make it to her party so i made this for her.. hope ms. anna likes it.. (syempre ndi pa appreciate ni nina toh hehe!)

hihihi. feeling maraming oras. see you guys!

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

...lucky day

ohmygod, i'm in the middle of reading Harry Potter (nicked a soft copy from someone so i get to continue reading here in the office, bwahaha) and someone just said that ..

waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. if you haven't read it or don't want to know what's gonna happen, one major spoiler is coming up so don't continue reading if you don't wanna know..

where was i? yeah, a major character would be dying and it's.. dumbledore! ohmygod i have yet to confirm (i'm not even halfway thru the book!) but i already feel sick to the stomach just thinking about it.. huhuhhu.. how could JK rowling do this.. LOL! god, i'm so affected.. so far, everything's so interesting, much much better than the last book which bored to tears in the first part of the book.. (gusto ko na mag-gera eh! lol!) anyway, i'm feeling lucky today (like i've taken felix felicis) 'cause Ma'am M's absent (my supervisor) and i get to read a bit every once in a while.. it has taken every breath of my willpower to go to work today instead of staying at home and reading the whole book.. huhuhu.. can't believe he's dead..

btw, back to my Muggle world, I have asked my college kada, Erlyn to be my Emcee at my wedding! after a couple of muras (hehe) from her, i was able to convince her to do it but only if there's not one but two rehearsals (which i haven't thought about!) for her to get the feel and flow of the program..ooh erlyn, thank you, thank you very much.. thank you for being my emcee inspite knowing that you can't leave NCR that month , that i need 3 full days with you, that you'll probably not be able to eat during my wedding (don't worry! you get to partner with Raymond's friend so just take turns eating.. plus i'll tell the waiters to serve you your food so you won't have to line up on the buffet) that (as you said) you'll be needing a new dress, or have to go on a diet (which i really don't think you need) etc, etc.. thank you erlynnnnnn so, so much!! >:D< !!

let me continue reading HP! waaah! Ron just kissed Lavender Brown (not just kissed, full-blown snogging)..Hermione's livid with jealousy bwahahha *exciting* plus Harry likes Ginny!! (hehe, syempre sa love story ako naexcite!)

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

...tagaytay escapade

my blog yesterday, July 18, 2005

system Time: 5:50 PM
i've got harry potter!! i didn't reserve a copy 'cause i knew they'll have a mountain of HP books like last time.. (besides, meh 10% off naman tlga!) hayyy.. i'm so low in cash..(but i'm categorizing HP as a "must-have" so :bleh) i guess super tipid mode na dapat.. (at least i'm reading HP lol!)

pangs and i went to Exclusively His during lunch and he just asked a quotation for his barong and pants..(he printed a picture of his desired design).. we'll know tomorrow maybe how much it'll cost..

anyway, more on Jho's wedding.. it was simple and elegant, and very well organized.. her flowers were great! i didn't know what kind it was.. here's her centerpiece..(inuna daw ba ang centerpiece kesa keh Jho, lol! that's Ma'am Marivic San Luis, different Marivic from my boss, and her husband..obvious ba kung ano kinukuhanan ko?)


okay, si Jho and Nonoi muna.. Jho looked radiant.. (makeup by Madge Ledano) and her bridal gown's made by Rosette of Something Borrowed

jho and lolo

think it's the first time i listened to the readings and sermon in a wedding.. perhaps because Caleruega is such a small church that you have no choice but to listen hehe.. Nonoi's brother is a priest so he was the one who made the sermon so it was extra special and meaningful for them.. i especially liked the unity candle part 'cause it was different.. they took the two big candles from the pillar and tied them together..i'll ask Jho if we too can do that in our wedding..


church, flowers at church (ganda!)

by the poste
picture taking muna lol!

the reception was held in Royale Tagaytay Estates..the food was okay, (grr ndi ko naenjoy kasi tinopak na naman tsan ko huhuhu) but i really liked their reception 'cause their program ran very smoothly and their Emcee was great (childhood friend of NoNoi and a former LP at Pramerica, small world ano?).. he was fluent and candid and knows how to adlib.. (i do think he's gay, though haahha.. kasi nung tinawag ako para sa bouquet chuva (ayoko kasi ang saket ng tsan ko pero nakita parin ako) mega describe siya sa suot ko.. "ooh, the girl with a lovely pink dress with a brown bow and her cute bolero".. oh dibuh, gay lang ang magdedescribe ng outfit noh! lol!) but inspite of his identity crisis (meh gf daw siya eh) he still proved to be a very good emcee..


ay ganda pala ng cake topper nila Jho..

after nun, liwaliw naman kami with Pramerica people sa tagaytay.. first at Sonya's Garden (suki na kami dito ni pangs, lol!)

here are the pictures: (prenups daw eh! haha! ang kukulit, meh mga director chuva pa kami!)

patawa kasi

nag bag of beans din kami (sawap ng strawberry milk shake) tas uwi na..

kakapressure tuloy wedding ni Jho, lol! well executed kasi eh.. meh funny moments din.. like si Jho, after ng sabay sila magsalita, tuloy-tuloy si Jho sa pagbasa pati yung "And I, by the power vested by the church" which is dapat sa pari na! lol! comedy talaga hehe! it just adds to the charm of her wedding..if my wedding turns half as nice as hers, okay sa alright na sa akin yon!


Monday, July 18, 2005

...pamanhikan pictures

finally able to view the pics (been bugging ate ging since june 26!)

eto na sila! yipee!

eating out
ate chary, akel, pangs, me (standing), MIL2b (Tita Siony), Tita Ebot, Dad, Mom & FIL2B (Tito Tony)

the kids again
the kids.. me, ate ging, ate chary, akel and pangs

the tanders
the tanders.. MIL2b, Tita Ebot, Dad and Mom

wanko kung ano tinitingnan nila.. basta ako nakatingin sa camera! hehe

ate ging and me
hindi kumpleto ang araw kung walang PEACE sign! bwahahah! with my ate ging (nahawa na saken!)

all of us (except ate ging)
almost everyone! si ate ging ang photographer eh.. wow, ang dami ko ng kapamilya!

pangs me and ate chary
pangs, me and ate chary..

more pictures here

was at Jo's wedding last saturday at Caleruega.. ang ganda ng wedding nya!! everything was running smoothly at ang galing ng emcee nya.. hay, kakapressure tuloy, ang ganda kasi ng sa kanya tsaka ang ayos!
i'll show you the pictures next time.. (meh prenup pics pa kami bwahahah ang kukulit kasi ng mga taga pramerica, picture ng picture sameng 2 ni pangs hahaha)

werk muna! babay!

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

...the masa past time

of course nag-usi kami ni pangs sa mga nangyayari sa labas hehehe! early this morning (well, not that early, around past 9am) the pedestrian underpass were already closed so i was able to walk in the middle of Paseo road.. it's weird 'cause i felt that at anytime i was going to get smashed by a vehicle or something hehe.. the road was clear of traffic of course, i was just being edgy.. and took the opportunity to take a photo of it, Lol! it isn't everyday i get to do this (walk in the middle of a main road) without getting ticketed for jaywalking..

paseo road again
i walk a lonely road....

the media vans in front of Philam Tower

the ninoy monument.. or whatever it's called

this is ayala.. ang luwag! pwede magtambling!

si eagle!
si Eagle ng Unang Hirit.. hehe.. syempre nag-usi kami ni pangs

and here are the pics just a few hours after... just a spattering of people.. they haven't started yet.. pero dami ng flags ek ek
paseo cor ayala
ay bakit maliit na! l o l .. naiba ko ata setting..sayang, meh flower effect pa naman ako

eto mas malaki.. from the Enterprise view


you want to know my opinion? (la ka naman magagawa eh) nabubwiset ako sa mga nagrarally. mga walang magawa, walang trabaho, walang ginagawang mabuti para sa bansa naten. eh ano kung nangdaya si GMA. kesa naman manalo si FPJ, eh nadedbol edi si Noli na ngayon ang presidente naten. arrgghhh. lagi na lang rally ang pantapat sa problema.. wala kayong dinulot kungdi trapik. at magkalat sa kalsada. sana kung nililinis nyo rin pagkatapos ano?

*breathes again*.. i'm sorry. hehe. naoverwhelm ako. kasi iniisip ko na naman kung pano kami uuwi at sana meh shuttle parin. =(

sana tuloy EB ng w@wies sa Friday. heheehe.

Friday, July 08, 2005 motif!

Originally uploaded by geWi.
here's my motif! lemon yellow and lime(?)green.. though i'm not gonna coordinate everything... the flowers would probably contrast, something pink/burgundy... i can't believe everything's falling into place.. my dream gown, my dream cake, the colors, the music..i just hope my good luck remains until the very end.. of course, my luck started when Pangs held my hand on the night of August 27, hehe..alala ko pa siya, tanong ko.. "loyal ka ba?" kasi meh gf siya nun.. hahahaha! abah, "hindi" ang sinagot..ngayon pag tinatanong ko, "oo" na! L O L! fab cake

we've given the DP to judy uson! here's our cake *drum roll please*:

i fell in love with this cake the very first time i laid eyes on it.. hehe.. it has separate chiffon layers that our guests could enjoy (well, only a lucky 100, lol!) we ordered for chocolate (yipee!) 'cause i'm not much of a "carrot-walnut" fan, though ms. judy says that's her bestseller.. mine will only be 4 layers of chiffon cake, a top layer of white chocolate and a separate cutting cake..

so excited! ms judy's also very friendly and easy to talk too.. she texts us about meeting her (hindi tulad ng iba, kelangang kmi pa ang magtext!)

anyway, eat na ako lunch! brb!

Thursday, July 07, 2005


System Time: 3:14 PM
i don't know if i'm just imagining things or what but everytime i post something negative about Sentimental Groove, they text/call me the very next day to make up for it.. someone from their company must be a member of the w@wie group 'cause it happened twice already.. first time my post was something like "ang gulo ni Kate, mali yung pangalan ng groom sa kontrata tas nung sinabi ko na palitan sabi ni Kate icounter-sign na lang daw namin, haluuuu".. the very next day i got 2 calls from Kate on my cell, apologizing for her error in the contract and asking my full name and my h2b's and promising to fax the revised contract immediately.. that time, i was kinda thinking, siguro coincidence lang.. tas eto na naman, i asked to resched our prod. mtg 'cause we couldn't make it on weekdays 'cause we always stay late in the office.. i texted Danny na resched na lang kami tas ang tagal na, wala parin akong naririnig from them.. tas someone asked in the group about TSG so post na naman ako, i said yung nangyari saken na ang tagal-tagal na, wala parin akong naririnig sa kanila and that hindi nila inaalagaan clients nila.. abah, that very night i got a text from Danny asking when we could resched our production meeting.. medyo nagkalituan pa kami sa text pero positive pero ang outcome kasi kanina lang, tumawag na sila sa office.. ituturn-over daw ni Danny keh Pia yung wedding namin tas siya na kameeting namin.. we were finally able to set a Prod meeting sched (on August 6, 2 pm) tas ayun, reassure si Danny na magiging involved parin siya nakaleave siya..

*commercial* may text from TSG just now, hehe (speak of the devil)
Sentimental Groove awarded @ Westin Phil Plaza as Manila's Most Outstanding Band voted by consumers, PMEA, AIM, marketing magazine. Our works & venue was recognize & wil be awarded on august by d city of mandaluyong. Thank u 4 ur support. Come 2 our celebration demo on july 11, 13 & 15. Free Food & drinks

hehehe. they're hilarious. i guess, positive talaga ang pagiging w@wie! nagiging maasikaso ang mga supplier! lol!

it's my Dad's birthday! Happy Birthday Daddy! i love you!!!

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

...the most expensive dress

...this coming from a girl who thinks that 150/bucks for a plain shirt is tooo much. hehe. i don't think i'll ever have anything more expensive than this.. i've got the sketches of my gown from Tet (she emailed them to me) it's like lace all over with a bit of beadwork on the waist.. Pangs found this on one of her magazines last July 2 when we were discussing my gowns.. (galing ng Pangs ko!) here it is:

CE gown

and here's the back with my looovely lacey train..

CE back

all for the low, low price of 18k.. yahoooeeyy!

here are the designs for my entou.. (c/o Tet, too) they're just very simple, my MOH (ate Chary) and Bridesmaid (Akel, Pangs' sister) would be wearing green with yellow ribbons.. (both are off-shoulder, Akel's the empire cut)

CE moh

they're 1400 and 1300 pesos respectively..(very cheap! cloth + labor!)

and my SS..they'll be in yellow with the green criss-cross ribbon in front, tea length lang so they can move freely) 3 flower girls will have ballroom skirts and a big band with different shades of green mini ribbons..

CE sec

1200 for my SS and 1300 for my flower girls.. a total of 28k (discounted na 200 bucks hehe).. family suki na kasi namin si Tet, kaya 18 lang yung gown ko 'cause laces could get expensive..

so, so happy.. who knew it would be my H2b who would discover my dream dress? Hurrah!

Friday, July 01, 2005

...the good and the bad

System Time: 5:45 PM
so cold in the office.. brrr.. anyway, i had such an eventFUL sunday that just thinking about it makes me tired.. i think that was the longest day of my life.. (and i'm not even the bida!)

first was the pamanhikan.. it was fantaastic.. when they arrived, they bought so much food (kakanin, 2 boxes of cakes) 'cause they weren't supposed to bring anything 'cause we'll be eating out.. Pangs came with his Mom, Dad, Akel (his sis) and his Tita Ebot.. first were the intros and dad went on to entertain them.. i don't think i've seen my dad talk that much in my entire life.. i really, really appreciated him that day 'cause he was trying his earnest to entertain my MIL and FIL2b.. good thing that Pang's Tita also went 'cause she was the talkative one and they found some common ground to talk about (lot bidding and stuff).. when the meryenda was prepared (this was just around 10am) and everyone sat at the dining table, the first thing my dad said was
"wala na naman tayung pag-uusapan pa tungkol sa kasal, eh, inayos na lahat ng dalawang ito eh"
then they went on on how proud they were of us that we were able to make the decisions and stuff (and that we actually had money to marry to begin with) and then, their conversation went on to different wouldn't think it was a pamamanhikan, more of a get-together party of some sort.. around 11:00 they decided to proceed to Grilla and we had our lunch there (there was so much food!) my folks and pangs' were talking so much (i didn't even care to listen, hehe) so i'm assuming everything went well in there side.. our side of the table (the kids) were much quieter, but i'm happy 'cause my sisters were talking to Raymond and his sister.. (like movies, ento gowns and stuff)

we had pictures taken (will post that soon, ate ging keeps on forgetting her cable for her camera) and ate ging kept on saying "prenup pics, prenups!" and we tried really, just ended up laughing so hard every time..(yari ako pag seryosohan na haha, i might give the peace sign, lol!)

uwi na pagkatapos, tas eto na, one of the WORST decisions in my life.. ate ging said punta daw siyang Robinson's Mall (Metro East) so sabi ko keh ate chary, punta rin kami, watch a movie or something..(arrggghh wrong decision!!) so we watched a the Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy (hilarious!) and shopped around a bit (i bought an Apple & Eve blazer) tas text si Ate Ging, uwi na daw kami.. so up we went to the escalator.. Ate Chary was waayy infront of me but I saw this guy who was right infront of Ate Chary drop his plastic just when he was about to get off the escalator.. he quickly picked it up 'cause his butt to touch Ate Chary's ahmmm pelvic Ate was like "watda" eh I was "ang bastos nun, uh!".. we parked in the highest level so we rode another escalator up.. ate chary even said "he shouldn't have picked that up" kasi nga ang bastos.. tas wan ko ba kung pano kami naghiwalay ni Ate Chary, nauna na naman siya with me far behind her sa escalator.. tas I saw the same guy zigzag his way to Ate Chary na naman! grrrr! pambwiset! sobrang nakatitig ako baka nga bastusin na naman siya.. tas aba, ginawa na naman, same thing! pagdating ko sa tuktok sinigawan ko yung lalake "putek! anong problema mo! #$%$%!!" tas yung attention siya wala saken!! nakatingin siya sa pababang escalator.. ako naman, walang kamuwang-muwang, lakad lang.. at hindi lang pala hinarass si Ate, nanakawan pala siya ng cellphone.. kaya pala pinapalabas ang pwet nya eh para madukot yung celfone nyang asa back pocket ng jeans nya na meh lawit (grrrr, eengot-engot)

sinabi namin sa guard (mega describe pa ako.. white shirt, khaki shorts) tas sabi ng guard, punta daw kami sa Security Office, meh nahuli doon. Pagdating namin dun, meh matandang girl (51 daw na siya at Arlene sumting daw ang name nya).. sabay salita yung friends ni Ate Ging.. "siya! siya yung kasama ng lalake! grupo sila!" turns out they work as a group, in our case, 3 babae tas 2 lalake.. ang modus operandi nila eh mangigitgit (or yung ginawa keh ate with matching hulog sa plastic para umiwas ka) tas yung kasamahan nila hihilahin yung cellphone tag tas ipapasa sa kasama para yun ang tumakbo.. yung isang pamilya na andun din, sila nakahuli dun sa babae na mega deny, napulot lang daw nya. arrrgghhh. tas meh celfone yung matanda, edi tiningnan namin yung mga messages nya. nakalagay
1. "may problema ba?"
2. "sa bingohan tayo magkita" (meh Binggo sa Sta. Lu, a mall right beside Robinson)
si "nardyc" nagtext around that time din (mga 6ish) tas tinawagan namin. phonepal daw ni Arlene si Nardyc at magkikita daw sila ngayon (at take note, pareho silang taga-Cavite.. parang haluuu, tlgang dinayo nyo pa ang Cainta) sagot si NardyC.. (si Edalyn ang kausap, friend ni Ate Ging).. hindi daw nya kilala si Arlene (tas sabay tingin kami keh Arlene.. bawi naman itong si Arlene at "Bebe" daw siya nun kilala.. edi nalaman na namin na "Bebe" ang name niya tlga..

so mahabang diskusyon at umalis na yung isang complainant kasi nakuha na nila celphone nila (which is a shaaame..sila pinakamalakas ang kaso against "Bebe" eh) at mega deny parin itong Bebe. so kami, sinamahan ko si Ate Ging para kunin yung starex at pupunta na kami sa police station.. tinatry parin ni Ate Ging na tawagan yung # ni Ate Chary biglang huminto siya tas sabi napanganga siya. (:0) yun pala napindot ng mga engot na magnanakaw yung CP ni ate chary without realizing na they did so naririnig naming nagtatalo-talo sila.. at eto, sinabi nila "nahuli na si Bebe" waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahha. tatanga. edi hindi na tlga namin pakakawalan yung babaeng iyon kasi kasabwat talaga siya. wala eh, matigas siya so sorry na lang siya, sasampahan siya ng kaso ni Ate chary. pagdating namin ng station, meh isa pang couple dun na nanakawan din yung wife nya at parehong-pareho ang modus operandi. pagkakita nila sa Babae, nakilala nila ito at buti na lang sasampahan din nila ng kaso. so kuha ng statement na naman at punta sa Kapitolyo ng Pasig, (wan ko bakit ang daming pinupuntahaan!!) ..and that Police station is a SCARY place to be. nakatitig yung mga preso sa amin ng pumunta kami sa station... natapos, kami mga past 12 midnight na.. (MONDAY NA!) hatid hatid na ni Ate Ging mga friends nya sa Marikina and San Mateo..

to top it all off, it was raining hard, tas we were to late to realize na ang layo pala ng baha (kasi, u have to remember this was midnight so we didn't think it was uncommon na walang dumadaang sasakyan dun sa road).. sabi na lang si Ate na "putek, putek..oh my God, oh my God" while the van was slowly driving through the THIGH-high flood water.. wahahaha. sabi rin si ate "lagot. lagot. lagot" i think she was referring to Dad, lagot siya..

hay.. pagdating namin bahay, napagalitan pa kami ni Mommy bakit daw sinampahan pa namin eh hindi na naman namin makukuha celphone ni ate. grr. so much for PRINSIPYO dibuh. at sabi pa ni daddy, puro basura daw harap ng starex. bwahaha. pak-tay.

so that was my day, the good, and the bad.. but all throughout, kausap ko pangs ko, (he even heard me while kausap yung guy na nangharass keh ate) so i'm still thankful, and thankful sa PLDT unlimited call. to Smart. bwehehehe.

i love you pangs! babay na! nagrarally na sa Ayala, magkikita-kita sa Libis for Ria's despedida.