Thursday, December 08, 2005

...the things i love about my Pangs

...he has the cutest eyes and smile (in my opinion)
...i can stare at him and not get bored
...he lets me sleep even when he's bored at the shuttle
...he always has this wonderful "good morning!" greeting, it really makes my day
...he commutes from Antipolo to Bulacan everyday just to make hatid(did i say everrrryday?)
...he does a mean "totoy bibo" dance
...he's so patient with me. even when i'm cranky.
...he puts up with my brattiness
...he's such a gentleman. who said chivalry is dead? he opens every door for me, crosses the street on the danger side while holding my hand, he carries my baon bag every time (he'll carry my shoulder bag if i don't stop him)
...he makes an effort to make me smile on my bad mood days
...he prays with me every night over the phone
...he's respectful to my mother and father
...he has wonderful parents (hehe, sipsip ako!) but it's true... i feel so lucky to have wonderful soon-to-be in laws
...he's a faaaantasticcc *ehem* partner (lol!)
...he smells so good (kaya ako dati nagkacrush sa kanya. ang bangu kasi!)
...he's so henyo. super idol na programmer. like a walking MSDN
...i can depend on him on difficult decisions.
...he makes me feel like i'm the most beautiful girl in the world (love is blind! lol!)

yun muna, 5:31pm na. gtg to my Pangs' christmas party. babay!


harbie said...

awww, swiiiiiiit. =)

chivalry's not dead, but the damsels in distress are. hehehe! je exerts extra effort to get to the door first so he could open it for me. sanay kasi akong mag-isa and i don't expet guys to open a door for me. so when he does that, i'm swoooooooned beyond my defenses. =P

Anonymous said...

kainggit naman kayo :(

single ulet,

arevalos said...


sometimes, when i try to take stock and list down all the things i love about jojo...

i usually get stuck... because the littlest things about him endear him to me... and even the things about him that annoy me make him more precious to me..

weird no?


anyway, it's nice we both picked really wonderful men.... wawa the other girls who have to contend with losers no? :)

geWi said...

naiintindihan ko mec! hehe. kasi nung ginagawa ko listahan, sasabihin ko sana "he texts me an average of 30 texts a day" tapos naisip ko, teka minsan nabubwiset ako dun uh, pero pag hindi naman nagtext naiinis din ako hahaha!

habit na siya saken, hintayin ang text nya!