Tuesday, December 06, 2005

...gastos weekend

so what else is new, right? saturday morning dad, ate chary and i went to Divisoria.. first stop was the infamous 168 Mall that is truly, overrated. it was damn packed with shoppers and i couldn't wait to get out of there. after ate chary bought her glass coasters, tea lights, etc.. we went back to Tutuban Mall (mas maluwag! lahat ata asa 168) and met Pangs at Max's.. kain kain muna then back to shopping. Dad, Pangs and I went to Soler, to buy the electrical stuff for our house. ("our house" hihihi. still gives me the shivers) outlets, sockets, switches and a circuit breaker.. cost us 3,700 bucks. i was enjoying the Soler experience a lot.. with the sauna heat and smelly people, it was okay by me 'cause there was so much to see (and to buy!).. too bad we still don't have money, haha.. we could buy our water pump there, all kinds of light fixtures, pvc doors, narra doors, water closets, basins.. it was awesome.. babalik talaga kami ni Pangs dun..

about the house, Pangs and I fought a lot with our different opinions...what goes there, what goes here.., but we've dialogued about it and i hope we'll do much better in the future "fights".. when we're not fighting about it, we are so freaking excited about the house.. it's sooooo huge (in our perspective, ok!? hehe).. kasi wala pang gamit haha.. there's one room that doesn't have a divider so parang pwede kaming magpantintero dun ni Pangs haha (among other things *wink*) it's still pretty dilapidated but it feels like a mansion to us.. parang iba nakikita namin sa kanya.. we see the space, the potential to be great.. hihihi.. we've got a big front yard and a space for a car.. (no car yet! haha) then at the back.. a big space,big enough for a table tennis hehe.. (must have namin yun! lol! mauuna sa sala set, hehe jk lng Pangs) ang saya sayyyaaaa.. there's still a lot to do, electrical stuff, the water system, the security (fix a few grills, the gate, etc) but we're taking it one step at a time and trying to enjoy every minute of it (though we fail most of the time haha!)

anyway, 1pm-10pm ulit ako today.. got my AKT with Bruce Hendershot.. last night was with Maggie Chan and it went well.. she's a fast speaker but very friendly..

oh, and my Mom's back from the states.. her pasalubong to me were a sketchers sneakers and a ralph lauren shirt.. (factory outlet! hehe!) .. both v.cool.. daming kwento ng Nanay ko, kakatuwa ring makinig..

anyway, back to work again. Babay!


anshe said...

grabe kaka tuwa sa soler no? nakita mo ba ung mga kitchen counter top? daming best buy dun sobra! enjoy!Ü

harbie said...

gewiiii! excited na ko for your new house! sarap ng may sariling bahay eh, kahit ano, pwede nyong gawin. *wink wink* like magkalat, magdesign ng gusto nyo, ganon, what were you thinking? mwehehe! =P

geWi said...

yun din iniisip ko! :bleh

arevalos said...

kami din kuntodo remodelling naman ng apartment na lilipatan namin :) it's my parents' house they're loaning to us till we have enough saved for our own house...

mas excited ako ngayon sa repairs dun kesa sa wedding preps... bwahahaha

and my Jojo wanted to buy stuff na left and right...like bed and ref and whatever... tas na-realize nya, wala pa nga pala kaming pera to call our own...all salaries are going to suppliers pa eh :D