Wednesday, December 28, 2005

...more prenup pics

my flickr account's already reached it's maximum quota for the month so i'm just uploading some of the pics here in blogger..

just a couple more that i like:

i like the Malinta Tunnel shots.. we were basically just goofing around.. i think Jaime didn't get the first walk so Pangs had to carry me back again.. syempre enjoy ako, lol!

i'm a sucker for this type of shots..only because we can't do it ourselves, lol!

the classic "turo-turo kunwari meh tinitingnan" shot. can't possibly leave corregidor without this shot.


~Glo~ said...

I love the last pic expecially parang natural talaga!

rEeYuH said...

i love the 'sucker' pic. classic. =)

harbie said...

ge, parang walang effort na binuhat ka ni pangs mo ah! hehehe! ;-P