Tuesday, December 27, 2005

...merry christmas!

okay, so belated na, better late than never. Ang Pasko Ay Para Sa Bata.. i think they should add Pati Sa Mga Tanders.. you know, old people like your parents,ninongs, aunties.. i think my Mom got more gifts than some of the younger people, hehe.. Christmas Day is more like an Errand day for me now.. Go to Caloocan for lunch, Go To Sta.Mesa for gift-giving.. it was a bit different (more exciting!) this christmas 'cause Pangs went to our s2b house with my s2b in-laws.. ang lapit na matapos ng bahay! the bathroom walls have tiles.. the electrical stuff are in place.. kulang na lang water.. and gamit.. eheheh. speaking of gamit, we bought our very first kitchen appliance yesterday.. it's a gas stove.. check it out..

it's just a 3-burner stove but i think it'll do.. we bought it so they could install it already in our kitchen.. (and they would know if the kitchen tiles we bought are enough) ganda noh? ahahha. i don't know why i'm so excited over a gas stove, as if magluluto ako. hahaha! that's 10k gone again, more expenses to come i'm sure.

Anyway, back in Sta.Mesa.. we played (i forgot the name) a game where you have to guess what's written on the paper stuck on your forehead just by asking questions and your teammate would just answer by saying "oo", "hindi" and "pwede". I had a difficult one, they stuck me with "2006".. i should've guessed that it was a number when i asked "english ba?" and they hesitated and there was much debate on whether it was english or not. i didn't get it, i asked "haa? french ba?" lol! i should've asked if it was a "DATE" i might have guessed it. also.. after that we played charades and i picked out Enteng Kabisote. It was so funny 'cause on my mind i thought the Tagalog for Mushrooms was Kabisote so i was trying to show them small mushrooms and eating it.. when someone shouted "mushrooms!" i pointed to her and made the "T" sign meaning Tagalog and when she said "kabute!" i was like.. teka.. erhmm.. yun ang pinapahula ko uh bakit mali parin? L O L! napakamot ako sa ulo ko. Enteng Kabute? *sighs* and i thought charades was MY sport. tsk.

My Wedding Countdown Clock says "24" and I am NOT happy about it. LOL! Pangs has done most of the wedding stuff and i'm feeling guilty about it. Sometimes, I'm just assigned a simple task and i STILL forget about it. watda? i think i should start looking at other people's list 'cause i might be forgetting something. We weren't able to give out the invites this Christmas (yeaah, waatttttttt u say? eh sa hindi natapos eh! lol!) 'cause no one in the EAST side of our country sells a brown organza ribbon. demmit. I STILL haven't seen my dress (the altered state.. it's so far off from the original design 'cause as you know.. i don't look good in a white dress!! @#$#$%@) we don't have a misalette yet (though Pangs is in charge of this, hihihi) and I STILL don't have my marriage certificate for wedding purposes.. (we do have our weddings banns already).. i'd have to remember to call my mom about that.. maybe she has free time to get it at Sta.Mesa.. (sarado po pag Monday, okay?) The Rest is just following-up on suppliers.. hmmm.. and a LOT of delegating.. eiii.. come to think of it.. I think the Misalette's about it.. just the wrapping of the Principal sponsors' gifts.. and buying of entourage presents.. and seating arrangement.. (i think we'll probably do zoning.. 'cause from other bride's stories, it is plain HELL to do table assignments in our country..people are confirming/cancelling on THE day itself! wtf?) my shoes, of course (pero sabay kami ni Nanay Siony bibili.. probably on the 7th of January) .. the following-up i'll definitely delegate to Ate Ging. forgot to give the guest list to ate chary. i think she's organizing my bridal shower, hihihii. i said i didn't want any male dancers or any of that stuff.. i want a SPA themed shower.. i think it's going to be a treat for my female friends too.

*breathe in, breathe out* i think we're going to be okay.

we had our prenup pics taken last (i forgot already) time at Corregidor! okay, so Jaime, if you're reading this.. (our photographer..) just realized i have only 1 (as in isa lang okay?) angle and it's full faced front.. no side shots, stolen shots on the side.. angle or whatever.. LOL! arrggh i'm so not photogenic. hay. si Raymond kakainis, gaganda ng kuha hahah! ang galing pang ngumiti. arrggggh. *mwahmwah Pangs* anyway, here are some of my favorites..






i don't know how i'm going to survive the wedding photoshoot. harharhar. maybe i should hire a proxy, lol! in fairness to Jaime, i don't think he could've done a better job with us jumping out and around the tour.. we only had like a few minutes every site and by the end of the tour, we were getting mean looks already from the foreigners in our tour group..our tour guide even said "Filipino Time" ehihihi. kakahiya. that's why we didn't have the lighthouse shot.. nahiya na kami ni Raymond magpahuli.. anyway, here's my favorite photo of my Pangs.. so pogiiiii (walang kokontra!)

*kiligs ol ober* lol!


anshe said...

hi tp! merry cristmas!! Ü ang saya nyo naman..im so happy for u, ..the kitchen appliance..for the wedding updates (khet mejo nakakatense pa din), and for the great prenup pics! Ü you look good together..God bless! Ü

rEeYuH said...

ganun ba tlga un prenup pics me color theme? lalang kse un sa fwend ko rin same color sila.
di pa rin lumaki un braso mo!in fairness, nice hair length. hehe si raymond, tumaba!
grabeeeee lapit naaaaaa

dionne said...

ang saya naman ng prenups nyo. fave ko yung sa malinta tunnel. =) si pangs mo pang close-up smile ah. =D

tSaRoLsKiE said...

I like the second pic ng prenup harharharhar pang commercial.

Merry Christmas Gewi & Pangs LOL

harbie said...

i loooove the second pic the best! candid na candid, kuhang-kuha yung moment. =)

hey gewi, you have "the look" dun sa unang shot ah. sorta-kinda-bitchy-cunning look. hehehe! ;-)

lapit naaaa! syets, i'm so excited for you! and yes, wag na kayong mag-assign ng table, grabe, nightmare! but i didn't care nung wedding day itself na. pero kaka-stress pa rin makakita ng empty-but-supposed-to-be-confirmed seats ha! =P good luck gurl!

Anonymous said...

wow grabe, gaganda ng pics hehe pinakagusto ko yun super tawa kayo at parang hinahawakan ka pra ndi ka umalis, something like that hahaha. girl, i am so happy for you. *naiiyak sa kilig*

jane said...

great prenups! =D

fave ko din yung second.. he did capture the moment.. =)

merry christmas sa inyo ni pangs mo.. hehehe.. nakikipangs na tuloy ako.. =p

sandali na lang.. mrs pangs ka na!

mlza said...

sorry ngayon lang nagcomment! fave ko yung first and second na shots. congrats again!!! wish i was there =P