Wednesday, December 21, 2005 hell week

i know, i might be committing a mortal sin just putting those two words together.. but i can't freaking help it! it's absolutely been 4-hour-sleep-a-day and a whole lieu of nasty stuff like a terrible dance number and a boring christmas party. all i've got to console me is listening to The Killers whose lyrics don't make sense.

i've got soul but i'm not a soldier... whaat?

i haven't been blogging 'cause 1.nakakatamad (which is sooo unlike me) 2.busy daw! pero really, before, even in my busiest days i would always find time to write.. i don't know if it's semi-writer's block ('cause i really am not a writer so i can't have writer's block) that's causing this or i have just been so dead tired and terribly tense this month that even writing my blog has become extremely taxing.

it's 30 days to go before our wedding and 4 (whatttt 4 nalang!) days til christmas and i haven't crossed out a single to-buy item from my christmas shopping list.. my inaanaks will kill me.. i worked out a budget of sorts for my christmas shopping and i had to downgrade my budget for my inaanaks.. tag-500 bucks na lang.. waaah.. dumadami kasi eh, dati 2 lang ngayon 4 na then sabay-sabay gastos with wedding and house renovation.. parang, i don't know where to get the money from my measly salary.. (how i wish contractor's salary parin ako).. can't believe how much money goes to income tax.. okay.. so i was a delinquent tax payer for more than 2 years but really, it's just so depressing seeing your hard-earned 10k go to taxes..(and i don't have to tell you where it really goes)

i'm hoping i could get some shopping done after work today.. that's why i came to work early, even though i went to sleep at around 1am because it was our (sucky) company christmas party last night. okay.. i just have to enumerate the sucky parts 'cause i might go on and on and on if i don't

1. our group presentation was a disaster. the freaking DJ didn't play the right song.. you see our dance (and song, we have excellent singers in the group) was a medley so we didn't know it was the wrong song 'til the middle part.. we were like.. "Watdaaaaf*ck? asan na si Britney! Bakit si Mariah parin!" lol! (All I want for Christmas is You and Santa Can you Hear me yung mga kanta).. Watching the video was hilarious. When we were expecting the Britney song, you could see Mich (one of the dancers) scratching her head, Michael just plain-standing and a lot of us looking at each other trying to figure out what to do with the dance.. i wanted to die that moment. hay. one for the books.

(had a flashback of our "Re-Rewind" dance number back in college. Nagski-skip yung music, kakatawa kami, trying to dance with a skipping background. pirated amputs)... freaking dejavu huhu

2. the food was so-so. to think we had our christmas party at the New World Renaissance Hotel. hmpft. I thought i was anorexic for a second 'cause I couldn't eat a damn thing.

3. when it was dancing time, (at the end of the program proper) the DJ played "Pinoy Ako." WTF!? i thought he just missed Pinoy BB and was reminiscing but the next song he played was Achy Breaky Heart. it was a signal to go home. and i was so damn prepared to dance the night away. huhuhuh.

4. walang pamigay! walang ham, walang groceries, walang khet ano. demmit. Ang kuripot ng kumpanyang ito, leche! (namiss ko Radix tuloy. yung Christmas party lang. khet sa office lang ginagawa, at least hindi boring tsaka meh libreng Ham and groceries! lol!)

5. and lastly, no booze. need i say more?

i'll post some pics later (we had a rocker,hip-hop, bohemian theme..syempre rocker ako) when i get a hold of Roni girl's camera.. absent ata siya, wala pa eh, 11:39 AM na!

ayun. *whew* i feel a looot better now. i really shouldn't stop blogging. it's so much better than a grievance committee.


harbie said...

no good music for dancing, no booze... those two are enough for me to rank your party a disaster! hehehe! =P

napangiti ako when i remembered the re-re-re-re-re-rewind dance natin nung college. buong Commerce population kaya andun! lech! =P

dionne said...

hi geri! bummer nga yung party nyo. wala ba namang ham! wtf! hehe!

tama! don't stop blogging. kakaliw posts mo eh. =D