Friday, July 30, 2004

... my web attempt

System Time: 1:59 PM

TGIF! didn't go to work yesterday (again!) but it was a productive day 'cause i was able to change the layout of the site.. they already approved it (with minor changes in color) so i'm pretty psyched..

i don't have the home page yet 'cause i wanted it to have a different format and i'm figuring it out how i'm gonna make the first page attractive.. anyway, it's a vast improvement from my first layout (which i don't plan on showing to anyone!)

check it out in

it's a database driven site (all the sales tips and links) and i'm finally getting the hang of ASP.. so cool, it's almost like VB..(most of the functions are the same)

i was able to talk to Clive a while a go on the phone.. first thing he said was "how are you?" and i said "okay lang.." hehe. he laughed and mimicked me and said "okay leng"

anyway, i'm happy that i was able to finish all the dynamic links and text.. ASP is sooo cool. lol.

System Time: 3:11 PM
read something on my email (sent by Kate).. it said:

Money isn't everything. There's Mastercard and Visa

how true. lol! there's another..

Hard work never killed anybody. But why take the risk?

and another...

A bus station is where a bus stops.
A train station is where a train stops.
On my desk, I have a work station.....

EHEHEHE. these are like my motto in life! haha!

System Time: 4:01 PM
my money has been credited! yey (remember when i was debited 5k by that stupid ATM machine).. plus i got my tax refund.. i'm rich. LOL! (in my dreams..) i'm hoping to go home early..besides, it's a month end so they're going to do batch processing and who am i to share in the server's resources? :)

System Time: 4:31 PM
i'm gonna buy my own domain before this year ends..i'm still thinking of domain a name.. (,, are ALL taken. demmit.)

System Time: 4:46 PM
ate chary said that SMART called and said they'll deliver the phone early next week.. yahoooo! *so excited* it's a Voyager phone (or Smart Amazing Phone 2).. wee! new things are always exciting..

my sister's gonna turn down the Singapore job.. she will instead work for a company called Emerson. it's in Ortigas so that's bad news for me 'cause i won't be able to hitch a ride with her anymore.. (awwww)

System Time: 5:53 PM
i'm going home na.. babay! have a happy weekend!

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