Wednesday, July 07, 2004

... (-_-)

System Time: 2:57 PM
hay so tired. at least i was able to finish a couple of reports.. i'm now doing the most boring part of creating a program.. the Documentation.. i'm attempting to do the User Manual but my eyes keep on closing..

System Time: 3:22 PM
was able to watch Spiderman 2 last Sunday.. it's such a GREAT movie! just adore sequels that are better than their predecessors..

System Time: 3:29 PM
o-keeyy.. so i'm waiting for the merienda break. so what? it's what every normal, hardworking employee does... right? ehehe.

System Time: 3:32 PM
i hate demanding people. I mean, there was this BPI person that kept on calling Sir Joel.. so i picked up the call for the nth time and told her that Sir Joel's still on a meeting.. this girl goes, "Andun parin? ang tagal naman." so i just said.."opo." Then she goes.."Matagal ba yan?" (grrr) so i said "obvious po ba hanggang ngayon asa meeting parin diba?" then she said "hindi ba pwedeng istorbohin sandali kasi meh itatanong lang ako?" (grrrrrrrrrr >_< ) HELLOOOO? it's not an ordinary meeting that i could just barge in and get sir Joel.. he's with all of the EOs and Managers! so i was like " *hinga na malalim* tell you what, Ma'am. I'll just tell him to call you as soon as he arrives, ok?" then she goes.. "kasi meh deadline kami eh" ...waaaah i wanted to hang up there and then.. i wanted to say to her, "doesn't everybody? welcome to our planet, Lady!" but of course, being the polite person that I am, i just repeated that I'll get him to return her call ASAP. grrrr.

System Time: 6:00 PM
going home now.. yey! my conver with Ms. Marivic
me: Ma'am alis na po ako
Ms M: ay, iiwan mo na kami?
me: opo.

hehe. babay!

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