Friday, July 16, 2004

...what a bloody day

System Time: 1:03 PM

i'm actually happy that it's a friday.. fridays usually mean deadlines for me so i have this panicky feeling each time i wake up and realize that it's a friday .. but, today was an exception.. i woke up giddy with the realization that i'm NOT going to work tomorrow (no OT yey!) and i can stay up late today and wake up late tomorrow.. (double yey!) i am now, more than ever, staring at my System Time as if i could make it move faster by sheer concentration..

System Time: 2:17 PM
hoobastank's having a concert here on august 17!!! waaaaaaaaah!!

i wanna go. as in.

hoobastankkkkk. i'm gonna tell dex.. it's our songggg (the reason).. waaah!


i'm gonna buy tickets before i change my mind. yeyyy!

System Time:3:03 PM
just called Koji at Radix and he was telling me some story where he searched in google "olats si chipper" then my blog came as the #1 result.. lol!! i was trying not to laugh out loud 'cause Sir Joel just sits behind me cause in the first place, i'm not supposed to be talking in the phone during office hourslet alone laughing my ass off.. lol.. i think i sounded like someone hyperventilating and choking at the same time.. anyway, we're gonna hit the 2 year mark as a Radix employee on the 21st.. (koji and i are still debating whether it's the 21st or the 22nd) Koji said that if he doesn't get deployed in Unilab then he'll resign by month end..I've decided to become a contractor (hoping i could save some money, at least) and i think my contract's gonna be extended 'til the end of the year here in prumerica.. i have this goal for the end of this year.. to be able to save 100,000 bucks.. then i'm going to apply at Citibank where they could be my financial planner.. (they now offer financial planning for as low as 100,000).. now all i need to do is stop spending. har har har. i'm so yare. lol!

i can do this you know, all i have to do is leave my credit card at home (lol).. i'm saving a bit actually (a tiny bit hehe) 'cause i only withdraw money twice a month.. just enough to cover my daily expenses (transpo, food, cell load) but then there was father's day.. mother's day.. lara's baby shower.. daddy's birthday.. hay. if only people would stop celebrating then i would not be obliged to buy some atrocious gift and be able to save some money! lol!

System Time: 4:21 PM
shiiiiit. my account's been debited for 5k! gaah. i already called up RCBC boni and i'll have to go there on Monday to file a complaint. shiiit. what a hassle. shiiit.

System Time:4:25 PM
shiiiiit again. *sighs*

i'm gonna post this blog now, before i lose my senses and forget..have a ATM-hassle-free weekend!

p.s. did i mention how sucky this is?

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