Tuesday, July 20, 2004

...patay na ba?

System Time: 5:27 PM
i am going home in about 30 minutes.. yey! i didn't go to work yesterday 'cause i had to make the aggravating task of going to RCBC Boni and file a complaint..

ei, have a new 'do. it's pretty short so some people are calling me "boy!" hehe.. actually i got mixed reviews.. sir felix said i now look 12 years old... ate pretz said "pa-girl" daw ako.. carlo said it made me look thinner (nyeh lol) ..sir tony said dalaga na daw ako.. 12 years old to dalaga? ano ba tlga? >_<

actually i've always had my hair cut this way, so i don't feel uncomfortable with it.. just so happened that it took me a long time before i got my hair cut.. (1. katamad 2. mahal)

System Time: 6:03 PM
think i only finished one module today.. (delete function of Search Screen).. uwi na ko ..babay!

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tSaRoLsKiE said...

may e-mail ako sa u. tc lagi