Thursday, July 08, 2004


My blog yesterday, July 7, 2004:

System Time: 11:56 AM
it's my daddy's birthday today!


60 years old ka na! senior citizen na.. meh discount na tayu na 20% sa restaurant! ahahaha! actually, i don't think my father has the ID yet but i'm gonna bug him to get one, lol.. some restaurants allow the discount for the whole bill, (not just his food) so it's one way to lessen our dining expenses hehe.. (not to forget, the medicine bills!)

still can't believe my dad's 60 already.. we're supposed to celebrate it in a grand way but the cash flows have eluded us so we're just gonna celebrate it with take-out chinese food (plus my dad can't drive 'cause he sprained his ankle) i'm gonna buy some Ube Cake's his favorite.. along with Ube Ice Cream, Ube Macapuno, lol!

System Time: 12:34 PM
sent my dad a MMS message.. hope he receives it..

System Time: 12:35 PM
i'm supposed to be doing the User Manual but am still too lazy to do anything work related..

System Time: 2:18 PM
finished a big part of my User Manual.. also called up my sisters to know what their plan is for tonight.. so ate chary's gonna buy some food at Big Buddha (excellent restaurant, delicious but cheap) and I'm gonna buy some cake at Red Ribbon (just here at the Fudpark) and then we're going to go to Sta.Lucia to buy the pair of shoes that my dad has been looking at for almost year now... lol.. it costs 4K that's why he doesn't want to buy it.. anyway, the 3 of us are gonna share so we could buy it for him... (did i tell you that I still haven't paid ate chary my share when we bought the DVD player for Daddy on Father's Day? waahaha)

grabe, so magastos this month uh.

System Time: 2:51 PM
okeeyy.. i'm staring at my monitor again.. just finished browsing some of my fave sites.. and my friends' blogs..i guess i'll continue making the manual.. brb

System Time: 6:15 PM
geeeezz we're late.. i'm going home now, we've got the food, the cake, the gift.. bye all!

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Anonymous said...

frm: dead man walking
msg: ingat ka lge! am happy for you!
for me, i dont know where to start, what to do.
am just happy for you!