Thursday, July 15, 2004

...dream phone

My blog last July 13, 2004:

System Time: 12:39 PM
God, i'm excited. Smart's having a promo 'til Friday and they're giving away free top-notch phones for plans 800 and 1200.. i've been able to finally convince my sister to get me a plan on her name.. i'm getting an O2 XDA II.. it's worth 45k.. it's's a PDA AND a phone.. has bluetooth, a camera, 65k TFT screen.. and all the other functionalities PDAs have.. MS word, outlook, powerpoint, Media player.. waaahhh.. am suuuper excited. i've already searched for the accessories and they've got just absolute loads for it.. it also has pretty good reviews and is even faster than the average HP ipaq PDAs..(did i mention it's a phone? lol) i could read my downloaded e-books.. weeee!

System Time: 2:38 PM
I almost changed my mind from O2 xda to a 7610.. i know, i know, a lot of fanatic Nokia will disapprove but after reading a LOT of 7610 reviews, i found out that the 7610 could not even play audio in stereo! Gaaaah, how could they miss that.. i mean, so what if it's a megapixel phone.. buy a decent digital camera if you want to take decent pictures.. ANYWAY, i texted ate chary again and said .."HINDI, O2 PALA TLGA. yaw ko na ng 7610".. hehe.. so i'm still excited.. though there is a big turnoff with O2.. it has bluetooth but i think it doesn't support Object Exchange.. meaning you can't send and receive files from it using Bluetooth.. *sighs* guess there's no such thing as a perfect gadget.. damn these builders! lol! i'm still choosing these one over the nokia phones.. it has the fastest processor, brightest LCD and fantastic stereo sounds.. and the biggest memory with 128 MB (also expandable up to 512) wish my sister would hurry up and apply the freaking plan.

System Time: 2:49 PM
i'm not going to work tomorrow 'cause i have to finish the web site i'm making.. the main design has already been approved and now i've got to create the rest of the pages..

System Time: 3:59 PM
i'm off to Summit Agency.. will install the system i made.. it'll probably take 2 hours, then i'm going home.. bye all!

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