Friday, July 23, 2004

...TGIF (i think)

System Time: 2:21 PM
gaah,..ang gulo dito sa office! toner boxes are on the floor, laptops, pcs.. (i've got 3 CPUs under my table)..foot thick scratch paper, trash cans filled to the brim, plus frantic IT personnel..i keep reminding myself that it's a friday, for it feels very much like a hectic monday.

how about me.. well, i'm blogging so let's just say they can panic all they want,.. i'm gonna blog. :p

i'm finally a Senior Programmer.. i'm free from the 2 bond program and i'm going to Radix later to submit my resignation paper..instead, i'm gonna be a contractor for Radix starting August 1..

System Time: 2:32 PM
i have two new books.. Jemima J and Bad Heir Day.. i've started reading Jemima J and am already halfway thru.. it's an easy read and i really like the heroine, Jemima.. she's fat (200+ lbs) but pretty and she's working out and dieting to meet this dude she met on the net.. yeah, i know, it's a story that's been quite overused but still, Jemima is very funny and interesting. She's a journalist but she only gets to write an advice column and the only time she could really write is when she's helping another officemate's's a love story, of course (why the heck would i buy this book if it wasn't lol!)..she has a crush on Ben (another officemate) and then there's Brad, the American from the far, she already lost 12 lbs just because she finally got a life (i.e. became friends with Ben, went out, etc) and simply didn't crave food as much as before.. but now that Brad (the internet guy) wants to meet, she's out to conquer her food addiction and lose (a lot of) weight..
can't wait to read the rest of it..

i still have 14 stamps to go on my Powerbooks track card.. God, that's still 2800 bucks.. i need to spend that money on books before sept 12 (the deadline.. it's only valid for a year) to get my Discount card.. it has 75 stamps in total.. so that means i already spend 12,200 bucks on books for the past year! *jaw drops*

Daddy also bought a lot of DVDs again.. we have Shrek 2, Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, 13 Going to 30.. i'm gonna have my DVD Marathon this weekend (yey)..

i'm very easy to please, noh?

things that make me happy:
1. going out with dex
2. watching movies
3. reading
4. lying in bed (while reading or watching a movie)
5. hugging my pillow
6. dining out

i couldn't be happier. (^_^)

System Time: 3:02 PM
going out early, around 5 pm to go to Radix.. a thought just occured to me.. i could read Jemima J while on the bus.. yey! (i'm so weird, shit. lol)

System Time: 3:19 PM
i soooo wanna get out of this office already.. all i'm thinking is if Jemima J will become thin.. lol.. i'm going to the Makati Agency to install some software so i'll post this blog now.. bye all! have a movie-filled weekend!

p.s. saw I-Robot already, it's okay.. not bad.

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