Friday, August 15, 2003

System Time: 8:59 AM
TGIF!!! had an internal debate whether i'd go to work or not.. well... obviously am here at work or i won't be able to blog.. (i don't open my PC anymore at home) just thought that i'll save my VLs for next week.. *yawnnss*.. tagal ng 5 pm huhuhu..dunno howdapak i'll be able to go through this madirpakingloooongday..

System Time: 9:29 AM
..contenting myself with reading Dawson's Creek transcripts.. i'm sooo out of it.. last Dawson season i watched was when Pacey and Joey were still a couple LOL! .. now Pacey's with Audrey (a new girl.. unknown to me).. Jen's with nobody steady.. Joey meeting a new guy.. and Dawson.. err.. still haven't read much about Dawson except he's got a job as an assistant director.. but there are still common things (read: familiar).. Jack's still gay as ever.. and Dawson and Joey still have this unconventional we're-friends-but-not-really kinda of relationship going.. my sister already told me 'bout the ending (who Joey ends up with).. it's Pacey of course! so glad it's him.. i don't like dawson.. don't even find him cute..

System Time: 10:55 AM
..gaah my head hurts.. *squints*.. am on my 3rd DC episode.. joey's weird.. kainish..

System Time: 12:05 PM nakausap ko na si Chie, one of the members sa yahoogroup ni Jayr.. kakatuwa hehe.. i just helped her use this mp3 converter software.. still don't know if i'll be able to go at Jayr's gig at Dish on the 22nd.. i reallyy want to go.. to watch him perform and maybe get my copy of his album autographed (hihihi).. but i'm not sure kung papayagan ako.. tsaka la puh ko makakasama sa kada ko.. (sana andito na sa manila si momi by then...wishhhhhhhh ko laaaaang)

lunch na.. kain na!

System Time: 1:26 PM
grabeeeee @_@ antuk na antuk akoooooooo. less than 4 hours to go.. i can dooo thiss.. @_@!!

..will continue reading DC scripts..

System Time: 1:42 PM
..okey.. need some typing movement.. for props/effect.. gaah hirap magpanggap.. brb..

System Time: 2:16 PM
..currently listening to Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature.. hay.. whenever i hear this song.. he will always creep up in my mind.. he being PC.. he was the one who told me to download this song.. said that it's a great song.. his exact words were "ganda pramis".. and it is indeed one.. beautiful and sad...

..your my distance destinational choice.. i'd give anything just to hear your voice..

*wapaks sarili* ok. i've promised myself to never, ever talk bout him here in this blog and here i am, breaking my promise for the nth's all my playlist's fault..hahaay.. have downloaded the acoustic/live version.. so naturally i would listen to my newly downloaded mp3s right? and it's just natural that i would remember him, right? hay. nod naman dyan!

System Time: 2:34 PM
i think i'm said this before.. idleness is the devil chet. am doing things that i'm not supposed to be doing.. am reading our logs again! can't believe i have a copy here in my workstation.. i think it's because of my forgotten ambition to write a chat-novel.. think i kinda based it on our logs.. gaah. can't believe i was soo insensitive. and so numb. and so stupid! gaaah.

*wapaks sarili again.. harder this time*

..hmm.. waah babasahin ko parin! hmpft!

System Time: 3:07 PM

him: ay ano ung damoobs
me: da mubs
me: the moves
me: l o l
me: tinagalog lng
him: Laughs Out Loud
me: sows
him: wirdo tlaga tong tgalog

am supposed to focus on the good memories, right? lol!

System Time: 4:48 PM temporarily in the project again.. just gonna modify some parts of my previous code.. will just continue doing this on monday.. helloowww mag fa-five na ano at gusto ko na umuwi!

System Time: 5:09 PM

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