Wednesday, August 13, 2003

My blog yesterday, August 12, 2003:

System Time: 5:03 PM
.. finished the module Ma'am V assigned to me.. actually, was already finished before lunch time so i've been on panggap mode since then..keh hirap talagang gawin yun.. hayy..

..continued my downloading of acoustic stuff.. found really great stuff like songs from All-American Rejects, Phantom Planet, the calling and whole lot more.. kinda thinking already of a plan on how to burn the mp3s i've downloaded here in my workstation.. perhaps on a saturday, pag nag OT ulit ako.. sa server lang kasi meh cd-writer eh... dapat makapagdiskarte hehe!

..also posted some messages in jay-r's yahoogroups fansite.. katuwa kasi "newbie" ulit ako.. hehe.. sabi ko nga dun.. feeling young din, lol!

join din keyu..


august na, di parin alam ni momi kung kelan talaga punta nya dito sa manila.. hay hay hay.. kakainip.. :( waah misyunaMomikow.. siya nga ngayon txt ng txt saken kasi la ko load, lol! bibili na nga ako mamaya... lapit na rin naman sweldo..

System Time: 6:11 PM
..uwi nuh akooooooo babayyyyyyyy

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