Monday, August 25, 2003

System Time: 8:56 AM
..back in the office.. am also back in doing the report exercises ..hay sucks.. SQL sucks..
..there's no real urgency to them, so i'll start later after the 10 am break.. cause the report's been with me for weeks and i'm kinda expected to hand it over to Sir H any time now..

..currently listening to Train - She's on Fire.. hmm.. my body still aches all over.. i badly need a massage.. lol.. ok fine i'll just massage myself hehe..

System Time: 9:15 AM
..ohhhh weee got our loveee.. we've got this love.. it's the only thing that life dreams of.. (err tama buh..) anywayz.. that's Our Love by JayR.. great song..

System Time: 5:23 PM
..have handed over my finished report and was given a new one.. it looks easier than my previous one.. lapit na naman maguwian eh.. so my objective for the remainder of the day is to just understand the specs as much as i can..

System Time: 5:31 PM
will meet momi later...just received his txt msg and he said he's already in the MRT station..grabe.. i last saw him hmm.. october 2002.. so that's more than 10 months.. lalagnatin ata ulit ako sa excitement, LOL!

System Time: 5:44 PM
nagkita na kami HEHE! la ko nagawa mashado.. nasuntok ko lng siya sa arm haha.. parang kada ko lolz.. kasi andun guard tas lumabas lng ako saglit dito sa ofis dhel hanggang 6 pa nga ako.. hihintayin nya ko sa meh boni.. wahahahah.. *tries not to smile*


System Time: 6:11 PM
/me brisk walking (ndi takbo) papuntang mcdo..

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