Sunday, August 24, 2003

hi.. was also absent last thursday so i had a looong 4-day weekend.. (aug 22 was declared a special holiday by GMA in memory of Ninoy's death)

good news, bad news time!!!

good news: momi's here in manilaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. finally! yeheyy!
bad news: we haven't seen each other yet. (whaaaaaaaaat!?) yep.. well.. for valid reasons..
1. i'm still not feeling ok. my fever's still on and off.
2. no time.. ate ging just got home from Indo.. so saturday we were at the airport.. then shopping² and dinner (kaya ata ako nilagnat ulit!)
3. just stayed home today.. had a slight fever.. of course, i wasn't allowed to stay home alone.. i had a chaperone.. (morning it was ate chary, at night was my dad's turn.. hehehe.. parang ala silang tiwala saken anoooooo.. feel nyo rin? lol!)

anywayz.. dagdag sa good news.. he's gonna be able to stay at his uncle's place for a week.. think another reason why i had a fever cause i was worrying to death on where he would stay for a week.. he was suppose to share a room with my officemate but my officemate told me that the earliest he could move was still this Sept.. so i asked and called soooooo many apartments, rooms, etc that would accept weekly renters.. but it's either really expensive or really inaccessible.. hay. actually found a place here in our street.. at first i thought everything was ok.. then when i visited the place, it didn't have any electricity! waaahaha! yesterday, the owner told me she'll have someone fix it... i didn't ask her anymore if it got fixed since momi's staying at his uncle's place already.

i'll go and get some rest now.. blog you tomorrow! nite all!

ps. can't believe momi's here. *hapi*

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