Thursday, August 14, 2003

System Time: 4:55 PM
have you seen Mars? it's suuuper kewl.. just look at the moon and you'll see Mars right below it.. you could even see a red glow surrounding it.. they say it's gonna be as big as the Moon on the 27th.. but i think it'll probably just get a little bit bigger and be rounder and more planet-y like and look less like a star.. i'll probably take a picture.. i'll show it to my future grandchildren hihihihi.. hope it doesn't rain on the 27th.. *wishes for clear skies ahead*

System Time: 5:07 PM
..and so the planning begins.. momi and i made a pact.. that we'll be together when Mars is at its nearest to the Moon.. so the 27th holds a different significance for me.. i mean, who ever thought that we will be able witness this kind of phenomenon.. no matter how impossible it might seem, if it was meant to happen, it'll happen..

System Time: 5:22 PM
...bought Jayr's CD yesterday..(finally).. i only liked a couple of songs.. but then again i'm not really an RnB person.. but i liked Design for Luv and Our Love.. (okey puro love bat ganon haha!).. even brought the CD here at the office so i could convert it to mp3 format and listen to it in my workstation.. ei, just remembered.. it has become my habit to turn on the radio right after i wake up.. now my dad kinda picked up on my habit and turns the radio on himself to help me get up in such an ungodly hour.. anyways, i heard this song (am still an NU107 listener) that i really really liked.. actually, i've heard it at least a dozen times before but i had no idea of it's title or who the band is.. then later at the office, i downloaded some songs that i found in the modern rock billboard charts, just searching for the title of the songs listed there in kazaa.. and there it was! i was just so thrilled when i heard the familiar opening of the song.. waahaha! the song's Shatterday by Vendetta Red.. it has a punk-alt feel to it.. ohdibuh.. galing ng taste ko.. asa billboard top 20 siya! hehe!

System Time: 5:40 PM new songs in my playlist.. So far away by staind, Bottom of a Bottle by Smile Empty Soul, Bandages by Hot Hot Heat (great song!), creatures by 311, Think Twice by Eve 6 and other old songs in their acoustic versions.. i pity people who only listen to mainstream type of songs.. rock is amazing! i'm so happy to hear some rocks songs being played in pop stations.. i don't get pissed off like other "rock enthusiasts".. they feel that the song gets baduy when the masa likes it.. duh.. as if the songs changes it's beat or lyrics.. lol! some songs are just so good that it's instantly liked by everyone.. like Evanescence's Bring me to Life.. or Incubus' Are You In.. songs that stick in your head the moment you hear it..

System Time: 5:51 PM
fuck. dakdak ako ng dakdak ndi parin 6 pm! ano buh tohhh huminto buh ang oras.. grrrrrrrrrr.

*stares at monitor*

System Time: 5:54 PM
..ehehe.. ate chuck just called me to look at her monitor.. then i saw my own codes for a certain form i've programmed previously.. ooops.. ndi ako naglalagay ng .value sa mga fields hehe..
i coded: .fields("newemp") = .fields("employeenbr") when it should be..
.fields("newemp").value = .fields("employeenbr").value
it's a small thing but we have to keep our programming styles standard so that it'll run in any vb/os version.. she said i owe her a "value meal" for making her write a whole set of .values in my codes hihihihi *hiya*

System Time: 6:03 PM <---finally!

wo ai ni momi!!

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