Tuesday, August 26, 2003

System Time: 5:00 PM
..my idiotic officemate bumped our table and caused our computers to shut down.. waah.. didn't realize that i wasn't saving my blog as i typed.. anywayz.. just 1 hour to go before log-out time.. will meet momi again later.. (i think..)

he hasn't changed much.. (in appearance, i mean).. he said he lost 20 lbs.. but perhaps he gained 20 lbs after october 2001 and then lost it again.. so that's why he doesn't seem different for me hehe.. he brought some pictures of some of his "adventures".. in bohol, surigao, etc.. saw a lot of his different hairdos.. (lol) ..as long as shoulder-length (waah) and as short as semi-kal.. i'm trying to convince him to go semi-kal again.. i think it's the do that suits him best.. :) (plus he looks a lot more like Jay Hernandez hehe)

System Time: 6:08 PM
...alis na ko.. ala puh momi ko waah.. meh assignment puh ko..! tell you bout that tomorrow.. byers!

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