Wednesday, August 27, 2003

System Time: 3:01 PM
ohmahgod am falling asleep again.. @_@ .. am actually waiting for the 4 pm break.. why? aside from the obvious reason, i'm supposed to run though an exercise to my officemates.. it's about creating data-aware classes that Sir H assigned to me to teach to my fellow officemates.. as if i could remember these stuff.. we didn't use any data aware classes for the project so i had to review and learn it all over again.. fell asleep in the middle of reading "Creating a Public Method in the Class that Writes Records to a File" topic.. i was actually reading ate cha's blog before this, but my supervisor materialized right by my side and i had to discreetly minimize and show my "props" .. props meaning my MSDN window, VB Window and other work-related stuff hehe..

..will meet momi again.. has successfully convinced him to get his hair cut hihihi.. (sabi ko kasi, bitin ka na naman bukas pag ndi ka nagpagupit! ahahahaha) pumayag ang gaga, lol!

System Time: 3:13 PM
..trying to make sense of everything that i've read about data-aware classes ..

commercial: ano buh yan parang security guard kung rumonda yung bisor ko.. waaah..

hay.. ano buh gagawin ko....... waah lapit na ng 4 (kabado na ko huhuhu)

System Time: 3:25 PM
..ngayon ko lang nabasa blog ni ate cha for the past 3 days.. ate cha, LOL! Jet Li tsaka si Zhang Ziyi hehe!

System Time: 6:20 PM
waah nakaraos din.. babay!!

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