Monday, August 04, 2003

System Time: 11:40 AM
..i want to believe you.. i want to believe in us.. when everything is wrong.. will you come through?.. Lori Carson, crazy/beautiful OST

..shit am not doing the revisions for my form.. can't believe i'm still programming for this project..huhuh.. the one thing i hate most is modifying other people's program.. first of all, i'd hafto understand what certain procedures are for.. and second is that i'd actually hafto use them.. gaah. hay.

have been downloading the soundtrack for crazy/beautiful instead.. kakalungkot..
speaking of kakalungkot.. roy's mom died last saturday.. was able to go at her wake yesterday.. hay.. i pray to God for her soul and may she rest in peace.. +

System Time: 1:15 PM
..still listening to the C/B OST.. feels like i'm actually watching the movie.. that's how good the soundtrack is.. *sighs* ..i could see Jay Hernadez' super gwapito face.. and i could even remember when a particular song was played in the movie.. (well maybe that's because i can't count the times i've watched the movie lol) plus i really like Kirsten.. she's not that beautiful but she has that kind of appeal that holds your attention and you can't take your eyes off her..

System Time: 3:00 PM mom just texted me.. ang LAKi daw ng babayaran ko sa PLDT.. paktay.. -_- badtrip PLDT ..khet missed call (as in ndi puh sinasagot uh!) meh bayad na pala yun huhuhuh. kaiinish.

System Time: 5:14 PM
..hayyy good thing my SA isn't here.. i have an excuse as to why i haven't finished my form yet...already took 2 alaxan tablets to lessen my headache.. >_< tsaket parin.

System Time: 5:58 PM
umeffect na yung alaxan (TG).. am feeling quite normal nuh.. nakahanap pala ako ng Lavender yung song sa intro.. hehe.. :)

System Time: 6:10 PM

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