Thursday, October 27, 2005


Everything is moving so fast that I hardly have time to write my blog. (ndi dahil mashado ako nag-enjoy! *sapok jane and harbie*) I’m doing my turnover for this week and tomorrow will be my last day here in Pramerica, then I have a one whole week of rest, yahoo! A bit of kwento about our Discovery Suites day, I liked Linden better. But we did have a better room and a bigger bathroom which we fully enjoyed, thanks to the big bottle of bubble bath soap we brought. I can still feel my bump at the back of my head from lying in the bathtub. *ouch* I liked Linden better because of the breakfast buffet, we were ready to go PG mode (patay-gutom) but they didn’t serve any food for breakfast that is worth getting gluttonous for.  At Linden, they had bacon, Danish pastries, donuts, waffles, pasta, and lots of mangoes and other fresh fruits. I think Discovery only had better juices, they had watermelon, dalandan and orange juice but overall, mas masarap sa Linden.
     Uwi na kami ni Pangs, it’s been a busy and tiring day. Today was our employee get-together and I.T. was the host. Our theme was western and I got the chance to wear my sister’s boots and be a cowgirl for an hour. I’ll post some pics if I feel like it. hehe. Bye all!


harbie said...

ay, bitin! more more! mwehehehe! =P

jane said...

honga honga! i think this is the first time that most of the details were left out.. =p kwentuhan pa!

Lil Cruz said...

hi! i was searching for kasalikasan items over the net and i stumbled on your blogsite. well, im getting married by march 2006. would you be kind enough to share with me some of your tips on suppliers? how much is your total budget?
im so worried about this whole thing. i noticed that you are very excited and masipag to type in your blog, i took a chance that what im requesting will be alright for you.
sorry for the bother and thank you so much in advance. good luck on your big day! god bless

Charolism said...

wow! uso ba talaga ang kasalan ngayon? harharhar