Monday, November 07, 2005

...first day!

System Time: 10:39 AM
first day at work! i have my own desk but no phone of my own, tsk tsk tsk. i do have a new email, it's *whew, haba* .. do email me uh! first day na first day, i forgot to bring my cellphone.. it was super ultra difficult for me to get up this morning at an ungodly hour of 5:30am.. hindi na ako sanay! anyway, i've met 3 new employees today, and so far, so good.. there's Roni, Jen and Kathleen.. si Roni ang ka-team ko, okay siya, machika. Pati si "Ate" Jen, pareho silang matoka. I have a feeling it's gonna be good here. But as expected, i'm already missing my Pangs, and my desk in Pramerica. I'm so used to having Pangs who was previously only a "kalabit" away.. *sighs*

anyway, good things:
1. we all got new PCs. Dell pcs, with a whopping 75 gig!
2. have internet,though i have only peeked at my blog
3. have my own 'corporate' email account
4. new friendships
5. new project

bad things:
1. no Pangs behind me
2. elevator sucks here at PBCom Tower
3. PBCom Tower sucks
4. boring first day (i guess all first days are pretty boring)
5. no watsons, mini-stop, starbucks in the building. grr.

di ko pa pala nasasabi keh ms. melanie yung 'scheduled' leave ko.. maybe later or tomorrow.. i heard we're going to have training in Singapore! it's not yet confirmed but i heard it's going to be on January (uh-oh) so i better tell ms.melanie ASAP.

i only got a week of vacation,but i wouldn't exactly call it that 'cause i was still pretty busy.. monday was my 4th fitting with Tet. i was with my mom and she practically changed my dress design. (don't wanna talk about it) We were also able to attend the family planning seminar and have our marriage license processed.. the seminar was weird 'cause it took one whole freaking day (unlike other w@wies who said it only took an hour or so) siguro yung Antipolo municipal kaya nagpapaseminar na 1 day, buti natapos ng mga 3:30 kaya nakahabol pa kami sa Munisipyo to file our marriage license. we were also able to submit the wedding banns to my parish. (cost us 700 bucks! gwabe!) so the only requirement we have left is my baptismal certificate, annotated for marriage purposes which is relatively easy.

anyway, i'll blog this, baka mabasa ni Pangs, hindi nya chinecheck email nya eh. hmpft! hehe iloveyou!

and thanks guys, for your support especially nung naga-apply pa lang ako dito.


Anonymous said...

nakita ko na email mo! nasa bulk! lol! pero hinde ako makareply! nirereject ng email server nyo! nwei, good luck!

twistedzero said...

iloveyou so much!

Anonymous said...


geWi said...

miss na miss na rin kita!! i love you my pangs!