Tuesday, October 11, 2005

...DW spoiler! don't read if you're going to attend a DW!

Helloeur! Last weekend was our DW weekend and it’s no exaggeration when I say that it’s the best weekend we’ve ever had. (Even better than Linden, hehe!) The lessons we learned there were numerous.  It’s not a group therapy kind of thing, it was mainly focused on the two of us, and every “dialogue”, I felt more committed to Pangs and surer of our decision to get married.  It was a pleasant surprise when we had a Sacrament of Reconcilation, I can’t even remember when my last confession was.  We were given a ¼ paper to write our patterns of sinfulness and I took advantage and wrote every single sin that pops up in my mind. I even wrote in the back page and I think I was the only one in the group who did that, hehe! I was thinking, “minsan ko lang magagawa ito, sulitin ko na!” lol! We also introduced someone in our relationship, and it is someone whom we have neglected for so long. He was the missing puzzle in our life and I’m so happy for finally realizing our mistake. We have now a threesome relationship,  me, pangs and God. I believe, with his Help and with His mother’s, we will never feel confused and alone again. Our facilitators were Tito Jojo and Tita Ditzy, a couple married for 37 years. What I liked most about the DW was the “focus on feelings part” and the correct ways to fight (‘cause we’re always fighting)
When fighting, you shouldn’t say ‘You are <noun> “ like “You are so lazy, You are so stubborn, etc” Instead, you should say “I feel <adjective>” like I feel neglected, I feel hurt, etc.”
Then there are 4 tips to fighting:
  1. Stick to the issues. Huwag mamersonal

  2. No bringing up of history

  3. Don’t hit below the belt

  4. Remember that the person you’re fighting with is a Gift from God
Hehe. At least when we fight (which we often do) we have the right tools. It was also a weekend of love letters, and endless writing.  I was pleasantly surprised to find Pangs writing his arm out and giving it his all. I love you so much Pangs, it is really God’s will for us to be together.

I met my fellow w@wies there, Abi ni Romy, Marj ni Lem, Amy ni Alvin, Jong ni Tonio and of course, my roommate, Cindy ni Mark. It was truly a day of friendship, but most importantly, a day for the three of us.. me, Pangs and God.

Yun na naman, oh, Anshe, if makulit ka parin at binasa mo itong blog ko, I really wish you’d go to a DW too. Ipagpepray ka namin ni Raymond at just tell me if ano yung problem for not going, we’ll help you out, ok? (*wink wink*)

Good morning everyone!


anshe said...

hi geri.. buti na lang un ang title mo so skip na agad ako sa comments..at buti ako ang una mag comment hehehe! good luck! nde ko alam ang sasabihin ko eh..=P

anshe said...

grabe tp! ayoko ko nga maging pasaway pero can't help it..pero don't wory, last paragraph lang ang binasa ko kasi nakita ko name ko..Ü para kong ewan dbuh? at i can tell, maganda nga ang effect.. God bless tp!

harbie said...

hey gewi! is this different from the pre-canonical and pre-cana interviews? nakakatuwa naman! di kami nag-ganito ah! sounds like fun! =)

pero i assure you, you'd enjoy pre-cana too. =) hope you'd have a good facilitator. ;-)

geWi said...

harbie: di na namin kelangang mag pre-cana seminar, dhel nga nag DW na kami..

mag Marriage Encounter na lang kayo dyan hehehe!

harbie said...

sows gewi! with the everyday encounters namin ni je sa pag-aayos ng bahay at kung anu-ano pa, i think that would do for at least a year sa amin. hehehe!

sarap ng may sariling bahay mare, bonding kami sa pagkakalat at paglilinis. hehehe! ;-)

mai said...

wow! obvious na nag-enjoy ka nga..buti pa kayo..kami di na kami nakaattend niyan eh..nagpre-cana na kami sa sta rita so that would suffice na. Though mukha ngang mas enjoy kung nag-DW na lang kami.