Thursday, October 06, 2005

...VB programmer, anyone?

I’m all set! I was able to tell Ms. Clarissa (the HR head) that I’m planning to get married on January and she didn’t even flinch. Hehe. She just told me that on my first day, to tell my Project Manager and that she’ll also tell the PM about my plans to give her a heads up.  She then proceeded to give me the list of requirements that I needed to submit on my first day of work (NBI Clearance, TOR, Diploma, etc) and other stuff like where to go for my medical exam. I’m supposed to be ecstatic with happiness but the problem shifted to Radix. Ma’am Queenie (my boss at Radix) told me I have to find a replacement before they let me go. I’ve asked everyone I know! Who would have thought that an experienced VB 6 programmer is so hard to find when it’s supposed to be the easiest language to learn. And I just haaate programmers who overestimate their VB skills. Pa-rate mo sila from 1-10 their VB skills, they’ll answer a whopping 9 or 10 then ask them about classes and they know zilch! As in zilch! They think madaling I-self study chuva, eh kelangan kong kapalit, marunong na talaga dahil itutuloy nya ginagawa ko eh. Walang maghihintay sa kanya para matuto. Haaaaaaaaaay. So please, if you know anyone, please send me their resume at I’m getting a teeny bit desperate. ‘Cause the new programmer has to start on Oct.17! Sir Jojo, my AE at Radix is also searching for a candidate. Sabi ko nga tumingin sila sa Jobstreet eh, meh profile naman sila dun.  Haaay. Sana naman makahanap kami. Patay pag hindi.

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