Wednesday, October 05, 2005

...thanks, pangs! *mwah*

I’ve been really confused lately, as to whether I should tell my future employer that I’m planning to get married on January and might need 2 weeks off at most. My first day is on November 7, 2005 so by January, I’m still a probationary employee and being absent for 2 weeks might become an issue. Good thing I have my very sensible h2b who put things into perspective and created a pros and cons list for me to help me decide which step is the most logical. He said, if I say it this afternoon (during the signing of my contract) and they didn’t allow me to leave, I’d still have my current work. (I haven’t told my supervisor here yet) syempre nalungkot parin ako, kasi I want that new job talaga. Tapos eto he said, worst case scenario, we can delay our honeymoon (but definitely NOT the wedding!) when I become regularized. Yahoo! Ang bait talaga ng Pangs ko! Pero worst-case naman yon, I’ll plead my case for 2 weeks off, pag di pumayag, hihirit ako ng 1 week, pag di pumayag, saka na yung plan na yon. Gumaan talaga feeling ko after that talk with him ‘cause I’ve been worried sick and super confused on that issue since they told me that I’m hired.  *hugs my pangs*

Sa wedding preps naman, we now have the boxes for our invites and the gifts for our Principal sponsors. We also have finalized our souvenirs (wooden coasters, got the idea from alynn, a fellow w@wie), both my PS gifts and souvenirs are supplied by ms.Marge of Artfinds, a manufacturer and member of REMAI (rizal exporters and manufacturers association inc.) I absolutely want everything to be Filipino made and ms.Marge has wonderful products. She makes frames, lamps and other wooden products that are export quality and very affordable. (plus pa na she’s a friend of my mom) that’s another task done in our never-ending wedding preps checklist. Also had my 3rd fitting with ms. Tet Hagape.. I don’t know how to explain my feeling when I wear that gown.. it makes me feel like I’m just a kid playing dress up. Maybe when I’m all made up and have the proper make-up, I’d feel more of an adult. I’m 24 years old so I should feel and look like an adult, but really, when I put it on, haaaaaaaaay, hindi ko feel. Maybe it’s my flat chest. Haha! Nakakatawa nga eh, they’re putting double pads PLUS I have to wear a padded strapless bra pa! But may big difference nga when they put it on, hirap talaga pag payatot ( sana tumaba naman ako kahit papano. (diba meng and mai? Hehe!) also, iniba ko sleeves, pinalagyan ko ng konti kasi dati parang continuous lang.. so I’m scheduled for my fourth fitting on oct. 31. I’m soooo looking forward to my mini-vacation, once I leave Pramerica. I’m hoping by oct. 24, bakasyon na ako. Yehey! Magkokorea-novela marathon na naman ako nyan. Haha! Ang boring ano, tuwa na sa TV.

Sige yun muna.. ay, this Friday, magdidiscovery weekend na kami ni Pangs. Hoping to see other w@wies there.. sila cindy, amy and abi!



anshe said...

hi tp! so it works better talaga if kayo ng partner mo ang mag decide on certain matters. im so happy for you, u'll get your 2 weeks vacation don't worry! Ü enjoy your DW..Ü

rEeYuH said...

ge! COngrats! sa new work! and dahil ur pangs made it easier for u to decide. ganyan tlga, kelangan me consultation na. hehe

twistedzero said...

dapat may consultation fee! hehhee

mai said...

geri...waahh ako pumapayat na naman daw huhuhu! kelangan kong mag mosegor ulit badtrip sobrang harassed (di lang stressed) heheh sa work.

oist kelan ka mag-25? nag-apply na ba kayo marriage license? will turn 25 sa march pa kasi so kanina when we applied for a marriage license kelangan pa ng parental advice (21 and below 25) so yun since nasa abroad magulang ko, quiet ka lang namin pirma hehehe! Tapos aside from family planning may nirequire pa na marriage counselling. Siyempre ni-under the table na lang namin mga yun hehehe! sa oct 19 namin makukuha ang license.

enjoy your DW!

mai said...

had my first fitting na! In fairness, ok yung pagkakagawa ng pads...di na ako magsstrapless bra. hehe!