Monday, October 17, 2005

...super poop

Last Saturday, I had my pre-employment medical exam at ICARE for CAI-STA… I had a gross encounter with my poop again, so I can give it to them for stool examination.. Pangs and I made up a super hero while walking on our way to the building (it’s a long walk from Enterprise Building, it’s on Legaspi St.).. he’s no other than, “Super Poop!” (original namin, noh?) hihihi. Pangs would hold my plastic bag with the poop inside and jokingly threatened to throw it at anyone who would stand in our way… “Beware of Super Poop and his poop pellets! Put-put-put-put! ” bwahaha. Also had to fill this huge container with urine for the drug testing. Dapat wiwing-wiwi ka para mapuno mo yun kaya mega hintay talaga ko. When I felt ready, it was so funny (and v.v. gross) to try to shoot my freaking wiwi to the itsy-bitsy opening of that damn bottle. My hand was covered with wiwi and I was scrubbing my hands for 3 happy birthday songs. (you know, you have to sing a whole happy birthday song while washing your hands, I did 3 just to be safe) anyway, after that, we went to NSDG to get our wedding banns and sample misalette. Was also approached by a w@wie there, Christine (tama ba?) and she said she recognized me from my blog. Hi Christine! Was nice meeting you! we got to talk to Kuya Melo, their in-house florist and he gave us this insanely high price of 7k for upgrade of the flowers. My golly, ang mahal. Good thing Pangs had the good sense not to give a downpayment already because he wanted to ask Lala (Interplay, our florist) how much it would cost her, if we ask for the same set-up as the one we saw. It was all white calla lilies on the stands, and white calla lilies on the aisle floor. She gave us a rate of 5k (yahoo!) and sabi nga nya, mahal yung sinabi ni Kuya Melo. Gotta remember to ask Arlene because I think I saw her name in Kuya Melo’s notebook and will ask her how much Kuya Melo charged them. Here’s our lovely, lovely church again.. ang ganda talaga! (sorry for the poor picture quality, these were just taken from my Motorola razr v3)

facade of the church.. ang photogenic diba?
our church

keh ganda ng ceiling!

altar naman
altar view

pangs, the photographer
pangs photographer

if there's one thing that i don't regret about in the whole wedding preps, it's booking this church. i swear, it becomes more beautiful each time we visit it. After we decided to drop by PSE Auditorium, in the hopes of taking pictures of the venue so we can show it to Lala.. Unfortunately, bawal daw (grrr, sinabi ko pa kasi hehe!) but there was also a wedding later that night so they were busy preparing the Auditorium. ang ganda! Manila Catering ang caterer.. they had tall topiaries of white flowers and it was sooo elegant and beautiful. Maybe white is back! ganda talaga! bagay sa place and tall centerpieces because of the high ceiling and chandeliers. It also had a long, long table in the middle for the principal sponsors so perhaps, we would do that too. Anyway, ikukwento ko na lang kay Lala and hope we could go there with her too.

Sige, paalam na, Monday-Daming-Errors day eh.

p.s. Happy Birthday, Khristine Reyes!


jane said...

lintik na title yan o! LOL!

i was eating lunch on my desk when i decided to go blog hopping.. at ano ang nakita ko.. super poop! LOL!

buti talga di ako ganon kaselan.. hahaha!

nayz one! sarap!

Arlene said...

Hi Gewi! I totally forgot how much kuya melo charged us but for sure its more than 5k. Really, pati ung sa floor na garden ba tawag dun ni k. Melo? nkakahiya na din to make bawi our booking kahit na di pa kami nagdown eh. I'll ask nalang for more flower set-up sa altar and ung naka hang na flowers outside ng church padadagdagan ko =) thanks for letting me know ha. Really appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

sinong super poop? Captain Poop yung name nya! at may bago na siyang grupo, Capt. Poop and Friends. hehehe

amgine said...

migosh naman yan geri, di ko na 2loy binasa nagross out ako eh. =P

mag-ane said...

hi geri!

khristine ni rommel here. hehe naexcite ako when i saw you coz i recognized you agad. hihihihi. sensya na shy type si h2b kaya di ko na kayo na-introduce.

nice meeting you and happy preps! :-)

harbie said...

super poop! hehehe! i just saw one of the South Park episodes last night, may poop character din don ah. may cape pa, baka kamag-anak nya. hehehe!

anyways, bring a funnel next time for the urine sample. hahahah! just kiddin'! basta, dyan mo mapa-practice kegel abilities mo. hahaha!

dionne said...

natawa ako kasi super poop tas mga pics ng church yung mga nakita ko. nagulat tuloy ako. hehe!