Saturday, June 26, 2004

... you spokenin' in dollar?

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gaah my head aches. i'm still here at the office,.. waiting for dex's reply... don't know if we're gonna meet or not..anyway.. it's been a pretty productive day considering that i was earlier harrassed by Ma'am Soraya's kids.. they're pretty cool, actually.. they speak with an American accent and all.. (they just got it from school) so you could say i practiced my english today, hehe.. as usual, i'm an instant hit with kids.. lol.. i dunno.. i guess it's because i still look like a kid..(or behave like one, whatever!) anyway, they were in the pantry and i came in to eat.. at first they were civilized.. the first questions were a bit weird though.. like.. what's my mother's age.. or my grandmother's age..what was mine.. (they're into the age thing hehe).. then after that it was riot.. they decided to lock me up in the pantry and i felt a bit bruised after i finally was able to get out.. (with Ma'am Soraya's help..) there should be a law against violent kids lol.. they were quite strong and a kid's punch really hurts LOL! but still, i really like them so i hope i would see them again..

some of their questions:
when Andrea (the girl) saw my phone with dex's baby picture as the wallpaper she asked
"who's that?"
me:My boyfriend when he was a baby
andrea: you're going to marry a baby?
me: no..i said when he was baby.. (then i showed the more updated picture)
andrea: you're gonna marry him?
me: yep
andrea: you're gonna marry him now?
me: not now!
andrea: so you're gonna kiss him, right?
*i just laughed.. wanted to say.. been there, done that kid.. lol!*

they're sweet, really.. andrea even asked me "you're gonna be here everyday? i'll see you again? momi and you are officemates, right?"

hehe. so sweet. i kinda miss them already. i even like the way they pronounce my name.. like a slang Gary..

"gereee, gereee" lol.

i better go now.. dex isn't replying and i feel as if i'm gonna have a fever. bye!

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