Friday, June 18, 2004

...good news, bad news

System Time: 8:31 AM
good morning! good news, bad news muna!

good news: I've got internet access.. woohoo!
bad news: all public mail systems are blocked..(yahoo mail, hotmail, whatever)

good news: at least i could now read other people's blogs! and i could post my blogs real time
bad news: when i tried accessing ate cha's Archive.. it was also blocked.. the message said "Gate Filter Response: This site is blocked because of sexual content".. i'm not kidding, okay? LOL!

good news: it's Friday today!
bad news: i'm going to work tomorrow

good news: they gave me a faster PC
bad news: i had to install every single software again, my program had glitches 'cause i changed path, they can't find the Photoshop installer..(the list is endless,.. waaah)

good news: they upgraded their Crystal Reports.. it's now v10
bad news: my reports won't run... i searched up my error on the internet and it only produced 1 page of results.. (i was so dismayed! i felt so alone! lol!).. but i was able to figure it out eventually.. (i'm the king of the world! hahaha)

good news: bought new books.. Shopaholic and Sister (Becky Bloomwood's back!), Dan Brown's Perception Point and Tuesdays with Morrie..finished reading Shopaholic and Sister.. it a good chicklit, has a great ending..
bad news: just spent 1650 bucks for them

good news:Ma'am Marivic's not going to work today!
bad news: WALAAAAAAAAAAA,..WALA AKONG MAISIP hahaha! (/me talon talon)

System Time: 5:54 PM
good news: uwi na ko!!
bad news: pag uwi ko gagawa pa ko website..waahh..babayy!!

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