Saturday, June 19, 2004



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got this at ate cha's blog... i'm here at the office on a saturday and i'm getting kinda sick of my crystal report errors.. so, blog muna..


1. When were you born: 1980

2. Where were you born: some hospital in QC

3. What was your first grade teacher's name: i can't remember.. all i can remember is Mrs. Eustaquio but i think she was my second grade teacher for Math..besides, we had lots of teachers, not just one

4. What was your first pet's name: choco (how original, uh?) he was an askal.. all brown with a black streak that runs on the middle of his face.. so fogiee for an askal

5. What was your worst accident (medical): i was running after my sister who was riding a bike when i fell down... on some broken glass on the street.. (galing ko pumili ng lugar ano).. had at least 8 stiches on my knee.. the scar's still very much visible.. (it's almost 2 inches)

6. What was your favorite cartoon character: i watched a lot of Garfield and Friends back then

7. Who was your first best friend: Lorraine and Rogelaine (gosh, it rhymes lol)

8. Who was your first girlfriend/boyfriend: gf: janice (bat buh, uso mag ON sa exclusive noh) bf: rudolph (pirs lab hehe)

9. What was your favorite movie in the 2nd grade: never ending story.. (was that on 2nd grade?) but i loved it.. when i watched it again just recently, i was like.."i actually liked this crap!?"

10. What used to be your favorite color: can't remember... still blue, i guess

11. What was your favorite subject: gaaah, i hated my classes.. it's a wonder i even graduated without flunking any subject.. at 1st grade i learned the power of pretending that you had a stomach ache so i could skip going to school.. lol!

12. Did you ever start a food fight: nope.. never even experienced one

13. What/who was your worst fear: my fifth grade teacher, Ms. Lardizabal (who actually entered the convent.. GRABE, from being a terror to a nun... i guess weirder things have happened)

14. What was your favorite toy: chinese jackstones.. i was a whiz at it


15. What time is it: 1:35 PM

16. What's the date: June 19

17. What grade are you in: 20/20 hehe jk, already graduated

18. fave movies: LOTR, Last Castle, Shawshank Redemption, Crazy/Beautiful, Save the Last Dance, Clueless (..what-ever! i'm Audi! LOL)

19. What is your favorite song: can't think of just one.. i have lots.. Crash into Me, Last Goodbye.. but i currently like Echo by Trapped

20. Do you have any pets: yeah

21. if so wat are their names: Ging and chary.. har har har

22. fave subj in school: COBOL and Taxation

23. What's your hair color: i've colored it so many times i forgot my natural color

24. What kind of music do you listen to: any.. rock, pop, chinese songs (lol), dance, watever.. (i don't like jazz, though.. hehe ate cha.. but i really don't)

25. Do you still watch cartoons: only if it's a good movie

26. What are your favorite TV shows: AI, MG, Alias, CSI

27. Do you get online often? now that i've got Internet at the office.. yeah, i will be! Hurrah!

28. What's your worst fear: to wake up and find out that my family is gone

29. What's your favorite color: blue

30. What city do you live in: bundok ng antipolo

31. Do you have a b/f g/f: yep.. luvUluv *mwah*

32. What's your favorite type of food: Japanese and Ihaw-Ihaw stuff

33. What do you want to be when you grow up: some sort of Project Manager or IT Manager who just gives programmers hell..

34. Do you want to go to college? already did and I'M NOT going back!

35. Do you want to get married? yep

36. If so at what age: would you believe we already have a year? when we're 27 years old

37. Do you want to have kids: yep.. (but my pain tolerance is close to zilch so i want a painless labor hehe) 2.. basta i want one for each gender.. parang ang dali ano..


01. age do you think you'll live to: i wanna die young.. 'cause only the good die young.. so i'll probably live to about a 100.. lol

02. Where do you want to live when you're 35: still here in my native land (/me plays Lupang Hinirang on the background)

03. What movie do you want to see next Saturday? wag na, gastos pa

04. What time do you think you will go to bed: around 10 pm.. hopefully..

05. Do you think you will have the same friends: i sure hope so

06. You think everyone will be jealous of you: Nah, i'll probably be jealous of them

07. Do you want to be president of the U.S.: i don't think i'll be eligible

08. Do you want to walk on the moon: yep, that'll be cool

09. Do you want to be famous: i'd rather be rich

10. kind of house do you want to live in: something spacy and with a big yard out front.. kinda of like Richard Gomez' house.. less walls.. more space.. slim furniture..very cool

finished already? LOL.. think i'm getting a headache.. back to work then.. will be logging out around 5 pm.. then will be meeting dex.. bye all!

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