Wednesday, June 23, 2004

...juicy fruit.. wala lang

System Time: 8:40 PM
yeah.. i'm sleepy again. i can barely type this blog..

...started looking for a baby gift for lara.. grabe, there's sooo much baby's like a whole new planet... and their prices! no wonder couples fight a lot..
..Kate and I went home together..talked about our plans for Lara's upcoming baby shower.. we'll probably be doing that on July 3.. i already have a gift planned.. there's this Chicco bag i saw at the mall.. it's styled like a messenger bag so when you open the flap, you could use it as a mat for the baby to lie on when you change her diapers or something.. very cool.. (and very expensive.. 1k! wahh) but still, it's not everyday your kada contributes to the human population..i wanted to buy the electric sterilizer but the price is double so the bag will have to do..

System Time: 10:41 AM
..think NU blocked me from their texting thing.. LOL! totally uncalled for.. ok, i can be a mean critic but really, if i knew they were that sensitive i would have gladly spared the 2.50 per text deduction from my cell load..they had a band called "Quan" playing.. i actually liked the band except when the lead singer breathes too much in between lines..all i said was.."i guess you're into the breathy style but you sound as if you're hyperventilating" ... now my texts are totally blown off..there goes my freedom of expression..too bad they're the only rock station in Manila..i would've boycotted them.. hmpft. -_-

System Time: 11:03 AM
after 3 days of coding the Weekly Sales Report program, i'm supposed to be back to programming LIPS (Life Planner Service) but i sort of forgot already what i'm supposed to do all i do is stare on my monitor (and listen to NU).. guess i'll REALLY start focusing after lunch..

System Time: 1:12 PM
o--key, it's after lunch and i'm still NOT focusing! gaah! *squints on monitor*

System Time: 7:10 PM
TG it's time to go.. bye all!

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