Monday, June 28, 2004

...i'm getting old -_-

System Time: 10:00 AM
God help me, it's a Monday. :(

i still feel soo tired and soo sleepy.. my brain still isn't energy's on an all time low and i am blankly staring at my list of things to do for my program and i don't have an ounce of power to do any of them...

my sisters are back from HK..they didn't bring ANY pasalubong so i was extremely disappointed.. i was asking for a benetton rain jacket..(hmpft) think my sisters felt a bit guilty 'cause ate chary offered me her Mango bag instead..they bought these identical Mango bags and ate chary gave me hers.. woohoo! (it even came with a wallet, v.c.!) it's beige with 2 pockets in front.. nothing beats the monday blues like a MNG bag harharhar.. also got a new chinese cellphone holder which officially retired my tattered winnie d pooh sock.. i arbored it from my pre-com Kada Ten², but i'm sure when she sees that winnie's already losing his shirt, she'll understand..(not that i see her anymore.. asan ka ba Ten²!) ate chary also bought a new phone (finally!).. a Sony Ericsson K700.. it's a phone to die for.. it's packed with features but it's lighter than my T68i.. (see my envy flowing through my veins.. lol!)

System Time: 11:52 AM
...was able to program the module for e-mailing the uploaded text files.. hu-hum.. my bosses are lunching out so it's just Raymond and me manning the IT department..hayy.. katamad.

System Time: 11:59 AM currently reading Tuesdays with's like everyone's favorite book but i still haven't read far, it's good.. a bit preachy, but nonetheless, interesting..

System Time: 12:29 PM
got a call from Ms. Dana, the Real-Estate Agent.. i'm thinking of buying a house/condo.. some might think it's a tad early but i disagree.. it's actually the perfect time to invest, when i have no other expenses aside from my personal least i will be putting my money in good use..

System Time: 1:05 PM
they're still not here! i'll just post this blog now, i might not be able to do it once they're back.. have a not-so-sucky Monday!

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